December 15, 2014

In Which Severin Is Tricked by the Troubled Mind

July 26, 1188

It had been a closed-casket funeral.

Arkon had been a handsome boy, their mother always said. He had their father's soft blond hair, the Mokonri eyes, and their grandmother's flawless skin. The horse had seen fit to remedy that. One eye had swollen shut, and Aerina had had to shave part of his head to administer the stitches. His body hadn't been unscathed either. A broken leg, several broken ribs... one of which had nearly punctured his lung. It hadn't had to, though. The damage to Arkon's head had been enough.

One stupid accident, and his parents' handsome, strong, clever son--Severin's kind and generous brother--was gone.

And clumsy Severin with his crooked nose and his over-sized feet was still here.

His parents were no strangers to losing children. Severin's sister Nearina had a twin who'd died before her second birthday, before Severin and even Arkon were born. He himself had had a twin sister too, and her life hadn't been much longer. But they'd scarcely had a chance to know Alina or Lileina--none of the family had. They'd known and loved Arkon for thirteen years. Severin had known and loved him all his life.

He didn't know how to not have a big brother.

"You'll be all right, Sev."

Severin stiffened. It was Arkon's voice. But it couldn't have been Arkon.

Could it?

"Things will be rough for a while, but you'll be fine. Same with our sisters, and our parents. You'll make an excellent heir for father. You'll be a great knight, you'll marry a gorgeous woman, and you'll live a longer time than a lot of people around here."

Was he insane? Or was it just the grief, the trick of a troubled mind in an attempt at healing itself? "Arkon..."

"Don't worry about me. I'm not anywhere horrible. Death is a temporary thing anyway, it turns out; I'll be back on earth in some form or another in a couple centuries.

"Just name your first son after his uncle, all right?"



Van said...

Yeesh, lots of deaths in 1188. :S

Van said...

Also, not sure what's up with Photobucket. I did not delete or move any images, but that whole album seems to have been wiped and I can't upload anything. I know they were doing maintenance earlier today, so knowing Photobucket, they just screwed things up worse. :S

Van said...

Okay, managed to fix it by deleting the album and uploading everything again, generating new URLs. Still a pain in the ass. XD

Emma said...

Yup, the pictures are there :D

Hey *waves*
I'm still reading. i'm just awful in commenting regularly. Everybody else usually alread said what I wanted to :D But I'm reading. And I like it. Although I have to say that there really are an aweful lot of people dying. Young people, too. :S
And the 200 Sadiel offspring thingies? Uiuiuiuuiu :D
Welllll, kepp it up. Sp we can have a happy post again :D
Oh and I'm glad that vera can do something for all those grieving people... oh well. They'll be fine. ^^ I hope :D

Van said...

Excellent. :)

And no worries! I'm not always the most regular commenter myself. XD There's no obligation to comment on every post.

And yeah, 1188 has turned out to be a bad year for random death dates. :S Alas, the next three posts will all be varying degrees of sad, and one will deal with yet more deaths... but then the next three should all be at least happy-ish. Then there's one more death coming up in November, but that will be it for the rest of the year. No one we know too well is slated to go in 1189.

Vera... yes, she can do something for people, and she'll continue to do so. I wouldn't say she quite likes this new power, but she likes being able to do something rather than just wait in dread.

And yes--they'll be okay in the end. :)

Penelope said...

Oh! How sad!

Van said...