December 29, 2014

In Which Darry's Power Is Not Too Interesting

October 26, 1188

"Wait, what?" Darry's father cringed. Maybe he ought to have mentioned the trees sooner. "This started in June?"

"Um. Yes." Darry rocked side to side. There hadn't been too much urgency--at least he could ignore the trees, unlike Yvanette and her cat transformations--but his parents had said to tell them if anything out of the ordinary started happening to him. He guessed they'd meant 'immediately'.

"Sorry. I didn't want to worry Mama while she was expecting, and you looked like you needed something else to think about after the ladies rushed in."

"It's fine. Just... we worry about you kids." And with what Yvanette went through, Darry guessed he understood that.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry too much about it. But thank you for telling me. We can tell your mother once she's recovered from your sister's birth."

Another sister? But he already had two of those, and only one brother. Besides, the baby wasn't even born yet! "How do you know it's a sister?"

"Magic." He didn't say any more. He never did when magic came up. "Sit down, Darry."

He did as he was told. His father slung an arm around him and rubbed his shoulder. "Maybe keep this to the family for now, all right? For the sake of your siblings' privacy. Yvanette doesn't want anyone knowing about her condition, and who knows about any of others, so it's best that we keep the speculation at bay."

"All right. It's not too interesting a power anyway. All the trees do is insult people."

"Maybe." Yet, his father's fingers tensed against his arms. "Who knows what they've seen, though."



Van said...

Early for no apparent reason.

Ekho said...

Okay so he can hear the trees? Or can he actually interact with them? And is it actually the trees or are spirits living in the trees? Or demons?
I'm so into this power thing.
Ashe took it pretty well I think, I mean he seems a little disappointed, but surely he's a little relieved Darry doesn't have to deal with the kind of emotional trauma Yvanette does.
Hope all is well! My puppy gets her second vaccination today, and a meeting at work to see when I can go back. They want me to change shifts because my cousin is on the same shift as me, but the more I think about it the less I wanna change + lose money and upset my lifestyle.
ANYWAY :) Wishing you the best <3

Van said...

He can hear them, and therefore respond to them. In theory, anyone could talk to them, but it wouldn't be a real conversation.

(And yep--the trees are actually trees, not spirits or demons. But trees outside of Naroni might not be so talkative...)

Yeah, Ashe took it about as well as he could. He was dreading dealing with it, but Darry's power is much easier and much less traumatic than Yvanette's. Now Ashe just has to worry about Aspen...

Yay for healthy puppies! And man, I hope work goes well for you. Regardless of their reasoning, it sucks that work is trying to make you change your life when it's him who's at fault. :S

Ekho said...

Update: The Vet loved my little Charlotte! She's the perfect weight for her age, and behaved expertly.
Work is letting me go back, I just have to ask the judge to allow it, but he still won't be allowed within 5 meters of me. I'm happy with that!

Van said...

Yay! Great news about the puppy.

Well, glad they won't allow him near you, at least. I hope the whole thing is resolved quickly and in the most just way.