December 27, 2014

In Which Alina Is Rather Less Scandalous

October 9, 1188

"Whoa!" Kaldar stumbled back as Alina sprung into his arms, clearly not expecting such a greeting. How could he not have, though? It had been far too long since they'd had a minute alone. "My stepfather's in the next room."

"I doubt Casimiro will think us wanton. Besides, we're adults. I'm older than my mother was when she had me."

Kaldar chuckled. "I suppose we have done some pretty adult things."

"None of which your stepfather can fairly shame us for, given the existence of your little siblings." Alina kissed him. She could taste whatever syrup he'd soaked his breakfast with, and gross as it may have been, she rather liked it. "So. How are you, Lord Ravenhold?"

"I'm well, thank you. Still kind of baffled about the whole thing. And how amazing my sister is."

"She is kind. Clever, too. I swear, that group project was the only reason I passed Philosophy." A credit to Dea's mother, no doubt. Alina's mother thought very highly of Queen Jeda. Of course, she wouldn't mention that to Kaldar. His mother may have been well over his father, but it couldn't have been good form, a light mention of the man's wife.

"Not that you had any problem passing anything else on your own. Thanks for saving my ass in Physics, by the way." He repaid her with another kiss. His lips, she was sure of it, made the syrup all the sweeter. "Sit with me?"

Alina smirked. "If my lord commands it."

Kaldar laughed, then took her by the hand and let her lead him to the couch. She took the nearer seat and he set himself beside her, his arm behind her back, her head on his shoulder.

"God damn, I love you."

"And God damn, I love you too." Alina snuggled up to him a little further. Her hair ruffled beneath his jawline, but she couldn't pretend to care. "So, when are you heading out to your land?"

"Dea says the castle should be ready for me by the end of the month, so I'll move there in November. Ella will to come with me, and Casimiro will stay there for part of the week while I'm at the university, just in case she needs help keeping an eye on things."

"Not a bad arrangement." Either Ella or Casimiro could have kept the shire running on their own, so the two of them would be even better.

"I agree. But I could improve upon it, if you're willing to hear me out."

"Oh?" She perched herself upon his lap as his legs nudged against hers. It sounded like a 'look me in the eye' kind of statement. "How so?"

"Well... you'll be graduating a few terms ahead of me, so I was thinking maybe you could take the reins after you're done at the university. Then when I get back, we can rule the shire together."


"Is that a marriage proposal?"

"Well, I think everyone will be expecting there to be a Lady Ravenhold eventually." He nudged her hair back with his nose and pecked her on the cheek. "And I can't think of anyone I'd rather that be than you."

"A steward's daughter as a lady? How scandalous."

"Lord Severin's granddaughter is rather less scandalous. And Alina Wythleit is even better."

Damn right it was. Alina laughed. "My grandfather will feel so old, knowing he has a granddaughter who's engaged."

"Never mind all of our parents," Kaldar agreed. "But they'll just have to get over it."



Van said...

Hope everyone had a great holiday. :)

Emma said...

Wait wait wait!
Raia's daughter is old enough to marry? For real? :D

And my holidays were great ^^ I was so sick that nobody bothered me with anything and I was allowed to stay in my pyjamas all day long and read. Seriously, it was awesome :D

So, hope you had great holidays as well ^^

Van said...

Well, she won't be getting married until after she graduates (and he's about nine months younger than her, so she'll have to wait a few terms for him too). But yeah, time flies. XD

Heh. Glad you made the most of being sick? XD

My holidays were mostly good, but the post-holiday might be... um, interesting.

Winter said...

I can hardly believe Alina and Kaldar are old enough to be engaged. My brain is telling me they can't be more than kids still. But congratulations to the couple all the same! Alina has enough of her mother in her that she'll be a good lady for a first time lord in a brand new shire... and Kaldar has little enough of his father that'll be good for Alina and Ravenhold, too.

Van said...

That was pretty much my sentiment when I wrote this post. XD

Alina will make an excellent lady, in no small part because she's her mother's daughter (and Mom and Grandpa and Step-Grandma will all be happy to help where they can). And yep--lucky for both shire and bride-to-be that Kaldar is his father's son in DNA only.