December 29, 2014

In Which Severin Gives What Is Wanted

November 3, 1188


Severin wasn't sure whether he ought to have come. He still saw Rina quite a lot, but he'd kept some distance of late, handling the relationship with caution while Rina figured things out. That kiss might have been too much pressure, and maybe it shouldn't have happened. And, if she didn't want it, then nothing else would. He didn't want to be Hades, dragging Persephone down to the underworld away from everything she'd ever known.

But Nata had caught him in one of their shared classes today, told him that Rina had gotten some distressing news and he ought to check in on her. So, after he was done, he did.

Turned out, it had been the right choice. "My mother's really sick."

He didn't need to ask how sick. She wouldn't have been slumped over her desk with her head in her arms over a routine fall cold. "I'm sorry."

"Arkon and Cladelia and I are heading back to Dovia tonight. Just--just in case."

"Ah." Then Severin would do what he could. He'd help her pack. He'd keep track of her assignments, keep her professors reminded of the university's leave of absence policy. He'd offer to saddle Kevin if he hadn't known she was the better of the two when it came to horses.

But first, as she stood and approached him, he hugged her. "If you need anything, just ask."

"Actually..." She slumped into him, chin to his shoulder. "Could you come with me? I know you're busy with your studies and you never met my mother, but I haven't been home in so long, and... you know."

He held her a little tighter. She hadn't been home in so long. And he could always meet her mother, and he could catch up with school later. "If that's what you want."

"It is." She kissed him on the cheek as the embrace faded back. "Thank you."



Van said...

Apparently lying low while the family is around translates into Naronis.

Ann said...

No complaints here! ^^ At least Naronis mean that that you're successfull in lying low. Which I'm very happy to hear! :)
I hope this trend continues! And a very Happy New Year to you! You know, just in case I don't catch you before then, which knowing me I probably won't...
May 2015 be a fabulous year for all who read this!

Ekho said...

SO sweet!
Severin's doubts make it all that much sweeter, its easy to understand he would be - he's never done this before! And he knows Rina's been through a lot, I think he might be acting as if she's a little fragile - which I hope he gets over - Rina might take that as hesitance.

Van said...

Ann: Yep. XD

Thanks! Happy New Year to you and everyone else as well! :)

Ekho: Yeah, Severin's non-Rina romantic experience is a handful of brother-funded trips to the brothel. He's not sure how to proceed with a potential relationship, so Rina has the reins for now. But yeah, even with what she's been through, she's not as fragile as he seems to fear she is.