October 19, 2019

In Which Celina Is Looked Out For

May 21, 1205

"I didn't know you knew Mistress Ildaras all that well."

"I didn't. Not really." Celina didn't care to lie to her brother, but if she admitted to more of a relationship, she'd spark Wolf's curiosity. Of course, her request was likely to spark it either way, but she'd established that he wouldn't learn more--not from her, anyway. "Aunt Leara held her in high regard. So did Mother."

"Then chances are that one of them has set up a trust for her son, if Camaline didn't beat them to it."

"You're welcome to confirm that before setting up this one, if you like."

"I will." Wolf sighed. The prospect of the audits and paperwork involved likely troubled him more than his sister's apparent random act of charity. While she didn't want to burden him, this was why Celina had opted to talk to him over her grandfather; her grandfather would suspect something. "How much were you thinking?"

"I don't know. Enough to make sure the family is comfortable, and to get the boy educated. If they already have enough, then a reasonable gift-sized stipend."


"Wolf, I know that Father delegated each of us a portion of his monetary inheritance from Grandfather, and I know that Grandfather still plans on honoring that; just consider this an early withdrawal from my portion."

"That money is supposed to be a safety net for you."

Sweet of him to look out for her. In different circumstances, he would have understood her looking out for Farr. "I don't need a safety net. My husband is young and healthy--and even if he died today, our daughter and I would be left with sufficient means. Even if that wasn't the case, there's no safety net better than a relation to Grandfather."

"I suppose I can't argue with you there." Wolf indulged her with a defeated grimace, his eyes briefly to the ceiling with the slightest of a roll. "Fine--but you owe me for whatever time I spend on this."