November 30, 2015

In Which Adonis Is Welcome

June 12, 1196

"Thanks again for getting me this furniture. It's good to have some of this space filled up, at least."

"Oh, no trouble." Adonis gave Dora's hand a light squeeze. In truth, it had been about time he'd done some personal business with the kingdom's carpenters, and they'd all been sure to point that out. "I'm just relieved I managed to pick some patterns you like. I mean, I knew you liked yellow, but I wasn't sure about teal."

"I do like teal. It makes me think of you."

"Oh." She liked thinking of him! God, he hoped he wasn't blushing. Lucky Adwyn had inherited their mother's olive skin and hadn't even blushed at his own wedding banquet. Adonis had their father's not-so-forgiving run-of-the-mill peach. "Huh. That's... very flattering."

A touch of pink emerged on Dora's own face. That helped, he guessed. At least they matched? Shy and embarrassed together? "Oh. Well... it's very flattering that you helped me find all this furniture. I mean, you could have just easily gotten some for yourself first."

"For my room at the inn? I think Ilyda and Senwick like the current furnishings well enough."

"Wait--you don't have a house?"

Huh. Odd that that had taken so long to come up. "Well... I'm usually split between a bunch of different building sites. It just hasn't been convenient to settle somewhere permanent yet."

"Oh. Well, you're welcome to stay here any time." The touch of pink, to a wave of red. "Uh, in the spare room, I mean."

"That would be nice." He smiled. That seemed to ease her coloring somewhat.

"Thank you."