November 4, 2015

In Which Severin Asserts His Free Will

September 21, 1195

"All right: listen up!"

Severin didn't much care who overheard him. He'd mixed Rina a concoction to help her sleep; until she rose naturally the next morning, he doubted an approaching army could wake her. The neigbhors' homes were near enough that he could make out candlelight in the windows, but no closer. Not close enough to make out his words, not even close enough to know it was him. Any noise he made would be dismissed as the far-off yelling of some drunk stumbling home. It didn't matter.

He wasn't talking to any of them.

"You don't like me, and I don't like you. I'm not even sure if you exist, or why you do such a shit job of ruling the universe if you do exist, and I don't fucking care. I care about Rina. I care about Rina--and you fucking owe her!"

Not even a gust of wind--the non-response he might have expected of a deity who'd yet to prove themself effectual or engaged or even existent. Didn't matter. If anyone was listening--could listen--then he'd make damn sure he was heard.

"You let men like Rina's father concoct this toxic dogma. You let the people who were supposed to love her tell her she was worthless, believe she was worthless--you let her believe she was worthless! You let him try to force her into some stuffy old convent, doomed to devote what remained of her life to you, despite your never having done jack shit for her! And now that she's done so much to put all that behind her, you keep letting ignorant people carry on these ignorant ideas and forcing her to relive all the fucking bullshit she never should have had to live in the first place.

"And don't you go hiding behind free will or non-involvement or whatever other crap excuse you get people to offer up for you, because I'm not buying it! If you can do something about shit like this, then damn it--the moral code that you allegedly made up demands that you do!"

Still nothing. Like always, nothing. Non-involvement.

What sort of shit creator of the universe policy was that?

"I'm done with your continued torture of her--or your allowing her to be tortured, or whatever the hell you want to call it. I'm done. And if you want to hide behind some crock about you giving mortals free will, then have a taste of my free will: I'm putting my foot down. You owe Rina--you owe Rina big--and I'm here to collect. And if there's a single thing I can do to make good on that other than yell at the sky like an idiot, then by God--by YOU--I'll spend my life finding out what that thing is.

"But that's the difference between you and me: YOU can end this right here, right now. So, if you want me to roll over and grovel like a good little mortal, then I suggest you do just that. Rina's suffered enough. She shouldn't have suffered at all, but she's suffered enough, and if you are what you say you are, then you can put a stop to it.




Van said...

It was only a matter of time before one of the Florian spawn spent a night yelling at a deity in which they only nominally believe.

Winter said...

I'm surprised it took this long! He's also living up to his namesake nicely here.

It's a tough situation, though. Rina absolutely doesn't deserve to feel so awful or to have been treated so poorly - no-one in her situation does. But even if God just transported her to 2015, Rina would still run into those triggering situations. Short of a Galaea-seque gag order descending on Naroni, something needs to happen on Rina's end to help her personally - unfair, but more practical.

Van said...

Hehheh. XD

Rina has, at least, gotten to a point where she can deal with people talking about babies, being around babies, or even discussion of having babies so long as there's no direct shame element in it. But crap like the bank client's is just so far past the line that I'm sure there were plenty of proven-fertile people overhearing him who were uncomfortable (e.g. Alina).

Triggering situations are the worst because, unfortunately, anything can be a trigger--even things that are completely harmless and even pleasant to 99% of people. :S The best we can all do is try to keep mental health at optimum levels so that when triggers are encountered, they maybe don't induce the worst possible reactions.