November 20, 2015

In Which Yvanette Takes an Offer

March 7, 1196

"Halfway through your first term. You're holding up a lot better than I was." Sevvie kissed Yvanette on the cheek and took a step back. They hadn't seen much of each other in February--far too hectic for a month so short. But Yvanette, at least, had a few more free afternoons in the early part of March.

She'd need those for more than Sevvie. "Uh... so, how's... how are you feeling?"

"Uh... all right." As all right as it could have been, at least. "But, you know... time and privacy and all that."

Sevvie nodded. He'd been the one to compare it some years back--disgusting as it was--to his little cousin, holding his bladder to the point where it would burst and he'd wet himself. If Yvanette didn't willingly use her powers frequently enough... well, they'd burst.

The spying game had helped in their youth, but they'd grown up since then. Nowadays, with classes and housemates and all of that, she had to retire early a couple nights a week and lounge about her room for an hour or so before bed. At least at home--at least since her parents had found out--she'd been able to roam the castle as she pleased. Her roommates probably wouldn't let a cat go prowling about the house without questioning how it got in.

"Ah, yes. I'd worried about that." Then why was that grin splitting his face in half? Sevvie had never been the sort to revel in others' misery. "But I might have a solution--for now, at least. You know that old ruined castle near the south end of Veldorashire?"

Yvanette sniffed. If they were both thinking of the same one, then this cruel joke did not suit him. "The one that all the children like to explore?"

"Liked to. See--my grandfather bought it and fenced off the area. Said it might be 'archeologically significant' one day. I think this is the sort of idea that makes everyone think he's mad, since it's pretty much an ugly old mound of crumbling rocks, but... guess who's picking up a bit of extra spending money patrolling the place on weekends?"

"The whole weekend?" If this was a joke... now it was really cruel. "You can't be serious!"

"I am, which is a pity--because who wants to go a whole weekend without any company at all?" He winked. Sevvie was not a joking winker. No--he was a serious winker. Dead serious. "It's perfect. I get someone to talk to, and you get a safe spot. Plus, you can have some of my wages if you like; I don't need the money for much."

Money, now? Yvanette had to choke back a gasp. "I can't take your money!"

"I thought you wouldn't. But... can you take the offer?"

The offer. The safe spot.

It was so much more than any amount of money she could fathom.

"You have no idea how many dull and lonely hours you've just saved me."


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One of those "Hmm, it's probably about time for a post with these characters, so let's take a bunch of generic pictures of them and see what they end up talking about" posts.