November 24, 2015

In Which Thetis Has a Different Opinion

April 19, 1196

"Rina's taking a nap?" Thetis asked as she pulled up a seat at her son's table. Her daughter-in-law had reached the third trimester of her miraculous pregnancy with far less difficulty than Arydath had said to expect, but no matter how well Rina fared, Severin had been on edge since he'd gotten the news.

In truth, she might have found a lack of an edge more troubling--he wouldn't have been so agitated had he not cared so much about his wife, after all. But as big and grouchy as he was, he was still her baby.

Thetis hated to see her babies hurting.

"Yes." Severin rocked forward in his chair. Once, when he'd been less than a year old, he'd thrown such a violent tantrum that he'd sent his highchair crashing to the floor. "This is all my fault."

"Sweetie, you're a doctor. We both know Rina had to have had some part in it, unless you were a much worse man than you are." And after her first marriage, Thetis had prided herself on not raising boys like that. "These things happen. And Rina seems... very calm about the whole thing, since she made up her mind and got used to the idea. If she's not blaming anyone, then why should you?"

Severin was enough his father's son that she wasn't quite how he'd respond. Even considering that, though, she never would have thought to expect the answer he gave. "Because I tried to call God out on his shit."

Thetis took to massaging her own wrist beneath the table. It wouldn't be long before she had to roll her eyes at the very thought and recount the tale to a giddy Florian. But that wasn't immediate. "Sorry?"

"I went outside, I yelled at the sky, and if my math is correct, Rina would have gotten pregnant within the next few days." Eyes, shut, Severin sighed. "Careful what you wish for, I guess. Careful what you fucking wish for."

"Watch your mouth." Had he still been a child, Thetis might have swatted him across the back of the head, but she instead reached over only to rub his shoulder. A stressed adult had more cause for the occasional profanity than an unruly youth. "It's a coincidence. Odd timing. Plus, if you wished for better for Rina... I don't think God would kill her just to punish you."

"We might have different opinions on God, then."

"Maybe." She took her hand from his shoulder and brushed some of his hair back from his face. "I suppose for now, we'll just both have to hope that mine is right."


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