November 14, 2015

In Which Dora Doesn't Mind as Much

January 12, 1196

"How did you manage to nab a place like this?" Adonis asked as he sat down at Dora's kitchen table, oblivious to the fact that the flowers he'd brought himself constituted the only personal touch the room contained. Though, Dora did think they made for a pretty first. Yellow and white. Her favorites. "I know people who've lived here their whole lives and end up settling for less."

"Tiada's mother found it for me. I guess being lady's maid to Lady Veldora brings some connections." Dora's own mother back in Dovia had been a lady's maid before she'd passed, but she'd never had the sort of social circle needed to find such a lovely vacant cottage. Then again, she'd only been lady's maid to a knight's wife, not an actual lady of a shire.

"So you lived with them when you first came?"

"Yes, Orrick offered a temporary room when he hired me. Before that, I was staying at the inn with my savings."

"I see." Adonis's perma-smile flashed once more. They'd encountered each other at the market that morning, and that encounter had led to a conversation, which had led to a lunch invitation. Dora had seen him in with both excitement and nervousness--she'd never quite sparked such obvious attention from a man--but something about his manner did well to assuage the anxiety. "You know, I've got to admire such spirit, moving to a new kingdom on sheer faith that everything will fall into place."

"Well, I had nothing and no one keeping me in Dovia--and I just had this nagging feeling that Naroni was the place I was supposed to be." People back in Dovia had been right, it seemed, when they'd said there was something magical about Naroni. Though, they spoke of it as a sinister magic; Dora thought it rather the opposite. "I was right. I have a great job, good friends, and a lovely home--even if I've barely had the time to furnish it beyond the essentials."

Adonis chuckled. "Well, there are only so many hours in a day--but you know, I work in close proximity with several of the local carpenters, so I can probably get you some deals on furniture if you like."

"I won't say no to that, if I plan on staying here for a while."

"Smart move--and I must say, I hope you do."

Not sure what to say to that, Dora found her cheeks warming. She hoped the blush wasn't too visible. "Ah, well... it seems likely at this point."

"Great." Adonis grinned again--how did he keep his teeth so perfect?--then glanced over to the flowers on the table. "Look, I get that this might come across as a little forward, but I'm supposed to have dinner at my parents' place tonight; any chance you'd maybe want to come along as well?"

Dora blinked. That was a little forward. And more than a little quick.

But maybe she didn't mind as much she ought to have minded. "Where do they live?"

"Veldora, so it's a bit of a ride--but, I figure we can have a nice long chat on the way."

A nice long chat. She thought she liked the sound of that. "That would be nice."

"Great." Adonis reached across the table and took her by the hand. He was an architect, not one of the laborers who took his visions from the parchment, so there wasn't a callous upon them. "I'll rent some horses after lunch and stop back here for you."


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