November 22, 2015

In Which Lorn Is a Grandfather

March 23, 1196

"It's natural to worry, son--but I think Celina will be fine. Her mother birthed nine babies and survived to be in that room with her right now. Her grandmothers had no problems either; one of them is still alive, and the other died of unrelated causes."

There was as much logic as could be applied to the dangers of childbirth in what Searle had to say to the nervous father-to-be, but Lorn couldn't quite manage to tell himself the same.

It was Searle's son... but it was Lorn's daughter. Thinking logically couldn't calm a man in regards to his daughter like it could with his daughter-in-law.

All he could do right now was be thankful that he and Leara had managed to get to Dovia for Celina's time. All he could do was hope that this wouldn't be the last time they saw her.

And maybe try not to flinch when his son-in-law turned to him. "Leara's births all went well?"

"Er... from what I've been told, yes." Any complications she might have encountered had never reached his ears. Maybe it was selfish, but he thought he preferred it that way. "Leara's been healthy her entire life. Same with Celina."

"So was my Aunt Ramona--but she died. My Aunt Elhina too."

There stood the limit on the logic applied to childbirth. "...That's true."

"Lorn. She's fine."

Lorn jerked his head toward the door. Ren's voice. Ren's figure.

Ren, with their newborn grandchild in her arms. "Celina did very well, and I'm sure she'll want to see you once she's had a chance to rest."

Thank God. Lorn sighed. Funny, how a person could go from being unable to stop worrying to being unable to stop smiling.

"God, I'm so relieved!" Karlspan rose from the couch, grinning like an idiot. Babies did have that affect on men. Lorn didn't doubt he'd looked twice as stupid when Celina had been born. "So this little one is...?"

"She's a girl. Celina wants to name her for her mother."

"Little Learianna. Little Learianna Minara," Karlspan cooed as Lorn and Searle shared a nod. They had a mutual granddaughter now. Odd how the world worked.

Odd... but at least his daughter had survived.

And he had a granddaughter now.

A beautiful, perfect granddaughter.



Van said...

Lorn is old. Weird.

Anonymous said...

That's how I feel anytime one of my sims has his or her first grandchild. xD
Like, how did that even happen?

And Lorn and Searle having a mutual grandchild is weird, too.

Van said...

Yeah, it's nuts. XD

Heheh... ever since Lorn and Searle first met, the idea of them one day having a mutual grandchild amused me to the point where I kind of had Karlspan earmarked for Lorn's oldest daughter before Lorn even had a daughter. XD