August 1, 2015

In Which Alina Recalls a Princess

August 7, 1193

Alina's mother had said she could have the pick of bedrooms; she would be the only child living here the bulk of the time, after all. Celina, Wolf, Dalston, and Prior would have their preferred rooms, but they'd ultimately sleep in whatever one was free if they chose to stay the night. Most of the bedrooms on the second floor where larger than the one Alina had ended up choosing.

But this one was in a tower! Not only was it easier to pretend she was a princess in a tower, but towers were familiar. Most of the family bedrooms at her grandfather's keep were in towers.

Not that she hadn't wanted to go with her mama--of course she had! But she'd spent her whole life at that castle, with her grandparents and the rest of the family. Her father had spent his whole life there, and sometimes she felt like he'd left traces of himself behind there. There was a comfort in knowing that while she'd never know her father, she could at least walk the rooms he himself had walked before.

This house hadn't been built until after he'd died.

But she hadn't abandoned him, though--she didn't think. Her grandparents had let her pick out some of the bedroom furniture from the keep to take with her. Her father had slept on this bed as a little boy. He'd dressed in clothes from those drawers. He'd read by the light of candles set on this table.

Maybe, when winter came and the nights grew cold, this blanket would feel like a pair of strong arms around her.

Or maybe it wouldn't. But her mama said that Alina carried her father with her everywhere, in her heart. And also in her hair. She was the only one of her father's children to get his red hair.

She recalled an old bedtime story about a princess whose hair was so long that people could climb towers with it. Maybe her own hair would be long enough one day for her father to climb down from heaven.



Van said...

I have fairly high hopes that Alina will grow into her looks. Xeta was kind of a weird-looking child, but look how gorgeous she is now. Also, Jadin and his siblings were kind of weird-looking too--that Kemorin nose seems to need a post-pubescent face to be aesthetically pleasing.

Ekho said...

I think she'll grow into her face as well, she definitely reminds me of her dad even now - I hope she takes after him in the face as well as her hair.
This is sad to read, it must be hard for her not knowing her father but at least she has the rest of her family around her - maybe one day Jadin will visit her or something :P
And it's very cute she's picked out his furniture, must have been hard for her mother knowing that's why she picked them... I love her already haha think I found my next Naroni favourite!!

Van said...

She did get his nose, and maybe the shape of his eyes; I think most of the rest of her face is from her mother's side, though.

Had Jadin lived, I suspect Alina would have been a real daddy's girl. Alas, she's now a daddy's girl without a daddy. But, she does have two loving mommies now, at least (or will, once she and Camaline sort of warm up to each other).

It probably was hard for Xeta--but, she probably found it kind of touching too. I think in the long run, she'll like having a few little reminders of Jadin around. :)