August 27, 2015

In Which Ricky Is Much of a Romantic

March 10, 1194

"So! What brings you to campus?" Ricky's cousin spun onto the other couch with a flash of a smile. He'd indeed called at Scorpio House for his sister--just to check up on her--and Lyssa knew it, but he saw Celina often enough that a trip out to the university would require some other purpose.

Lyssa would get a kick out of this one. A lucky thing CeeCee and Renata weren't around. "Eh... my father thought I ought to go scout out some perspective brides, so I'm humoring him."

She giggled--as he could have guessed. "Ah, Ricky! Ever the consummate bachelor, aren't you?"

"Hey, Adonis Wythleit graduated over two years before I did, and he's still not married."

"Yes, but Adonis Wythleit isn't going to be a duke one day." Lyssa winked. "That, and he has the luxury of being rather handsome. But really, I'm surprised Uncle Lorn hasn't arranged anything for you on his own."

"He says that if I'm to be duke one day, then I ought to choose my own duchess." He still thought that rather unfair to his siblings, most of whom were tidily paired up. At least he could take comfort in the fact that he'd yet to hear any of them complain about their future spouses. "It's not anyone's fault that I haven't found her yet."

"Have there at least been any close contenders?"

Ricky shook his head. "No. Well, I mean, I know many women who would certainly make fine duchesses, but I guess I'm a romantic at heart."

"So you're looking for The One." Lyssa raised a wrist to her forehead and swooned--half mocking, half sincere. "I have to say, cousin: I wouldn't have thought you much of a romantic."

"Well... at this point, maybe." He shrugged. He liked to think that when he met the right woman, he'd know it. But, he'd been wrong before. "I suppose that past a certain age, an heir can't afford to be much of a romantic."


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