August 15, 2015

In Which Camaline Accepts the Happiest Secret

December 25, 1193

"So," Camaline began as she twirled away from the candle she'd just snuffed and spun herself into Xeta's arms, "I think a nice quiet Christmas was the right choice."

It had been. Xeta's family hadn't needed the stress of some colossal event, and on her own side, the only person Camaline had felt any burning need to see on Christmas was her son; Prior had called earlier in the day and stayed for brunch.

"It was. My mother seemed at peace, which is more than I'd dared hope for this year." Xeta kissed her--quickly, but with a long, contented following moan. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"And you know that I'm in this all the way, right?"


"Us, I mean?"

Them? Had she really been doubting it? Camaline laughed. "Of course I know that! I know you wouldn't consciously string me along, or just use me to keep from getting bored while making me believe you cared for me. You're not the kind of person who would do that."

Xeta sighed--relieved this time. "I'm so glad to hear it. Still--I'd like to make you a gesture."

"What sort of gesture?" They were already living together. For a couple like them, what could have come next?

"Well, I was talking to my mother, and..." Xeta took her by the hands, her touch soft and warm as the first day Camaline had felt it. "...remember how you told me about Searle and Sparron? And Searle told me about Casimiro and Brother Sieron?"

Camaline nodded. "It does help to have a community; I think even Sparron would have had to admit that."

"Well... see, I was thinking we could go and talk to Brother Sieron." The squeeze around Camaline's hands tightened. "He is a Man of God, after all. Maybe it wouldn't be legally binding by the laws of man, but if he could help us make a commitment before God..."

Camaline's heart stopped a minute--then resumed at twice its usual speed. The laws of man had not caught up to the truth of love and human nature. It would likely be centuries before they did. But if the God of Sieron was a God of truth and love...

"Are you... asking me to marry you?"

Xeta blushed. "If you'll have me. I mean, it will have to be a secret to most people, but it will still mean something to us, and to those who do know."

It would have to be a secret.

But, it would be the happiest secret that ever was. "Let's go to Sieron tomorrow morning."



Van said...

"Yo 1193, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Van's Novel is one of the best multi-part works she completed OF ALL TODAY!"

(Naroni Author Comments: Abusing painfully old memes since 2015.)

Novel is done. 1193 is done. I have the house to myself tonight and the FWB is coming over; sex is only going to be the third best thing to happen today.

Ekho said...

Haha congratulations!!! I'm trying to catch up with Naroni, so I'm glad to read you're doing well - although this was posted a while ago now....

I'm so happy for these two! And surely the 'laws of man' can recognise their marriage as well! I mean, Naroni doesn't have many homophobics does it? At least no anti-gay groups spreading the hate.

Van said...

Hahaha... yeah, things have gone somewhat downhill since then (though not on the book front; still in the slooooow edit process, then off to find an American or British agent because Canadian publishers hate genre fiction).

Weeeeeell... while most of the LGBT+ Naronians we've seen have been quite lucky with friends and/or family who have found them out, it's still the 12th century. At best, the general public would probably consider it "frowned upon", though it's true that there aren't any active anti-gay groups (probably because the gay community of the time is pretty invisible, therefore no militant backlash). :S

And alas, the laws of man haven't gotten the memo yet. But... eh, fuck the laws of men. :P