August 3, 2015

In Which Sev States the Use of Philosophy

September 29, 1193

"So, what's it like to be graduating tomorrow, Lord Ravenhold?"

At his desk chair, Kaldar cringed. Sev doubted they'd ever tell a soul that they'd spent the early part of their last evening on campus hanging out, just the two of them, in Kaldar's bedroom, but the custodial staff were in the living room, and Hal was studying in the library. If it had been anyone else, it would have been fine, but Hal needed near silence to concentrate and was not shy about reminding anyone of that.

So, a bedroom it was. Sev tried to justify it with that thought that women spent time in each other's bedrooms quite often and that wasn't strange, but then he thought about what he hoped they were doing in those bedrooms and that changed things somewhat.

"You know you don't have to call me that. Surely you're not going to be calling your sister Lady Ravenhold?"

"I just might, if it gets on her nerves!" Sev smirked. Alina would either love being addressed that way or hate it. Or, more likely, both. She was half a Kemorin, and they weren't ones for formality--but, she was also a woman determined to get all the respect any man did. "I wonder how her Physics degree will apply to being a lady. Or your Literature to being a lord."

"Hey, I studied rhetoric. Besides, you're one to talk; what use is philosophy to anyone?"

"It's an easy study suited for getting one's mother off his back and for spending time with one's special lady, that's what use it is." And if he hadn't thought his mother would have killed him, he might have flunked on purpose to stay a little longer with Rennie. "Not like I had to worry about employment, you know. Uncle Lonriad still wants to make me his steward."

"Right." Kaldar straightened in his chair, boots scuffing against the floorboards. "You know, I would have offered you the same job if my mother hadn't made me promise to give it to whoever Ella marries."

"Nah. I don't think I could stand working for my sister."

"Or risking overhearing me pleasuring your sister."

Sev gagged. "Gross."

Kaldar snorted. "Like you and Rennie are any quieter. At least Alina and I won't have to worry about our parents under the same roof."


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Van said...

(Er, since I always kind of worry about people who may have just started reading at the current point plus the total disregard of the One Steve Limit in this story, I'll just clarify that Sev's sister/Kaldar's fiancee Alina is NOT the young Alina in the last post. This Alina is an adult, and is in fact older than both guys in this post. Sev and Alina are cousins to last post's Alina; both Alinas are named after their grandmother, and Alina also have a brother named Severin for their grandfather, though Alina's brother goes by Wolf.)