August 13, 2015

In Which Celina Owes It to Her Daughters

December 24, 1193

"I do like what you two have done with the place," Celina assured her daughter, noting Xeta's anxious grimace. "Simple, yet comfortable."

The family had collectively agreed to keep Christmas quiet this year, since it was the first Christmas without Ovrean and Riona, and now the first Christmas without one of Rona's closest friends as well. Celina was staying with Xeta and Camaline at the new cottage. The rest of her children would more or less keep to their own immediate families.

"I'm glad you approve, Mother."

Somehow, Celina didn't think she was just talking about the decor. But after all these years, all Celina really wanted from the people her children loved was that they keep them happy. Besides--after Ashe, Camaline had little shock value to offer. "You're both liking it here?"

"Yes. But..." Xeta sighed. Celina crossed her arms, concerned. Certainly, Camaline had given her no impression of anything out of the ordinary. "Mother, have you ever worried that someone you love might not realize how serious you are about them?"

Celina raised an eyebrow. From all she'd seen, Camaline looked at Xeta like the bright morning star. "Surely the fact that you agreed to live with her clued her in."

"Yes, but... I don't know. I mean, I thought I was just attracted to men before I noticed Camaline. And I'm still attracted to men--just not exclusively. But Camaline's only ever been attracted to women. It's a bit difficult for us to fathom each other's experiences there."

"Perhaps--but I don't see what that has to do with your concern about her not knowing your feelings."

"I don't know. Maybe she thinks I'm flaky." She sighed again. Sighing, Celina had learned over the years, was not a good sign for anyone. It was hopelessness, resignation. At least anger could be productive. "Or that I'm just occupying myself with her until another man comes along. Is it just in my head?"

"Judging by how Camaline looks at you? Absolutely." A pity that Xeta couldn't see that! Then again, when Celina had been younger, she'd had no idea just how strongly Dalston had felt about her. "But if you're really concerned about it, Xeta, just talk to her. Assure her that that's not the case."

"I guess that's the logical way to go about it. I kind of want to make a gesture, though. She makes so many gestures for me."

"Then make a gesture."

"But I don't know if I can come up with something good enough!"

"Then let me help you." Celina pulled her daughter in for a hug. Earlier this year, she'd lost one of her daughters. She owed it to Riona to do her best to keep the others as happy and well-loved as possible. "I think I have an idea."



Van said...

Next post is the last of 1193. Weird.

Emma said...

Hey :)
I've probably not commented in a couple of in-story years but hey I'm still lurking and still enjoying all of this ^^

But a shout out to Celina for being such a lovely human being. Seriously. The world could need a couple more Celinas :)

Anyway, a shout out to you as well for continuing this story. Please don't stop anytime soon ^^ Even if that means that Severin has to live unrealisticly up to 130 years.

Emma said...

I just realised that "human being" might be the wrong term to use. Lovely sim?

Van said...

Ack! Figures--I read your comments on my phone earlier, and then of course forgot to reply while at my computer all day. And now I'm replying from my phone because I remembered and it's 5AM and I suck at sleeping. XD

But no worries about comments. People are more than welcome to read silently. :)

Celina really is a gem. Everyone should have a parent with shades of Celina in them.

Haha! I believe Severin rolled a lifespan of eighty-something, but his is one that I'm willing to adjust as needed because I just can't see the story going on without him. In any case, I still enjoy writing the story and am not planning on quitting any time soon. Even if I don't end up stretching Severin's lifespan past his random death age, that's still twenty-some story years left.