April 7, 2015

In Which Thetis Observes an Important Morning

January 7, 1191

"Alina! Your great taste never fails to impress me." Ellie, looking tasteful herself in a lovely red and gold dress Lady Rona had given her, squealed as she gave her sister a hug. "Yellow and pink. A welcome touch of spring for a winter wedding."

"A winter wedding without snow on the ground," muttered Alyssin from the bench. Beside her, Evera shot her a warning glare, but Thetis let it slide. A comment on the weather was merely a comment on the weather. Alyssin was very much her father's daughter and therefore didn't care much for emotional events--but like her father, she wouldn't ruin Alina's special day in any way Alina herself hadn't sanctioned.

"The colors were a splendid choice, dear," Thetis agreed. Blushing, Alina smiled; she'd probably worried that her parents would question a dress that wasn't pure white, as if they didn't have more important things to worry about. "Don't you agree, Rina?"

"Definitely." Rina must have felt so out of place among all the yellows and golds in the room--and being the only young woman in the room who hadn't spent nine months in Thetis's middle. She would be Thetis's daughter-in-law before the year was up, but her other daughters-in-law had opted not to help Alina prepare, as there would be enough of a crowd and someone needed to mind the children (and Florian). But Rina knew only Alina well, and it was important that she get to know Severin's other siblings.

The three oldest girls would make for a reasonable start. Evera liked everybody. Ellie could be shy at first, but if one made an effort, she'd double it in return. Alyssin could be tough to please, but Severin was even tougher to please and Alyssin knew that--so if Severin loved this young woman, there had to be something Alyssin could at least like about her.

"You should see the fabric Father picked out for Severin's wedding tunic." Alina grinned with wicked glee. "It's so yellow it makes this dress look blue! Mother, promise me you'll let me be there when Father shows it to him."

Thetis sighed. In Severin's mind, love of one's family came with no obligation to love or even tolerate one's family colors as well. In Florian's mind, notice of one's lack of fondness for their family colors came with every obligation to force the colors upon said person whenever possible. "Don't give your brother a hard time."

"Why not?" Alyssin craned her neck to the side and cracked it--to Ellie's obvious alarm. "He always gives everyone else a hard time."

Evera squirmed in her seat. "I don't think it matters anyway. Severin obviously loves Rina more than life itself. He'd still marry her even if he had to wear Alina's dress."

Alyssin snorted. "What do you think of that, Rina?"

Rina allowed herself a quick roll of the eyes before quipping back. "I think it would be a shame to let him stretch the pretty thing."

"As much as I'd love to see it, I have to agree--and the bride is always right on her wedding day." Alina winked. "Make note of that, Rina. The sky can be red if you want it to be, because no one will dare argue otherwise."

"I'm sure I'll find something better to be right about."

Alina laughed--and so did Thetis. "You may not be the bride today, but I believe you're right about that."



Van said...

1191. Weird.

Winter said...

Racing toward the 13th century - how time flies!

I love Florian using wedding attire to annoy and harass his own son. It is so completely him.

Rina seems to get along with her future mother-in-law, which is not insignificant! The group as a whole did pretty well. Rina might be more on level with Thetis because of her experiences and upbringing making her a bit more wordly than lower-class girls of her own age. But she fits the overall dynamic but, to Severin's relief, not so much that she would want to bring the clan into their every waking moment. It's shaping up to be a good relationship all around.

Van said...

I know, hey? 1200 is closer than it seems. :S

Heehee... the only thing Florian likes more than walking around in his underwear is seeing other people walking around in clothes they obviously hate. His own children not even sort of exempt. XD

Rina and Thetis are getting along swimmingly so far. I think Rina finds Thetis (and Florian) to be a refreshing change from her own parents, and Thetis was bound to love anyone who could make Severin of all people happy. She is also a little worldlier than Alina and Ellie, which I think Thetis finds refreshing while still taking comfort in her own similarly-aged children's innocence.

I don't think Rina will have any trouble getting along with most of the family--but nope, luckily for Severin, I don't think they'll be over all the time.