April 13, 2015

In Which Teodrin Has Homework

March 8, 1191

"Teodrin!" Roddie clapped his hands together with that perpetual energy so many Kemorins seemed to have. If he was here to invite Teodrin to a night at the inn again--which of course he was--then chances were his two studying siblings would also be there. Falidor was quiet as far as that family went, but CeeCee was just as off-the-wall as Roddie if not moreso. Teodrin could barely handle one of them at a time, much less together. Plus, all of their friends and acquaintances and practically everyone else on campus.

All in the same inn at the same time. On a Friday night. With plenty of beer.

"Come and paint the town red tonight!"

It took a concentrated effort not to whimper. He got that Roddie meant well, but there wasn't much point in trying even if he did have an interest in that sort of loud gathering. Friends and fun weren't meant for broken people. "I have some work to do..."

"It can wait. I promised your big brother I'd keep an eye on you, you know--and you don't exactly make that job easy, cooping yourself up in your room all the time."

"We don't have to go to the inn if you'd rather not," offered Farilon from a few feet behind Roddie. "There are plenty of other things we could do. Roddie and I promised Alya and Nata a good night, and Adonis might like having another bachelor along rather than being a fifth carthorse."

The third member of their party grinned at him, though Teodrin's socially-induced lockjaw prevented him from returning it. He hadn't seen Adonis Wythleit around campus since he'd been here, but he remembered him from the old school. Of course, Teodrin probably hadn't been significant enough to merit most upperclassmen's notice. "I don't know if we've met. I graduated with your brother and sister."

"I know," he managed after a couple seconds, not so loudly as he'd somehow managed for Roddie.

"Oh, good, you know each other. I didn't know if Adonis would visit after he graduated, but here he is." Roddie smirked. "Probably here to look for a girlfriend."

"For the night, at least," Nythran added with a jerk of the head eastward. East was where the brothel was. There was no way in hell Teodrin was going there.

"I could use a wingman who doesn't have another date tonight," Adonis admitted. "I could return the favor if you like."

"There you have it!" Roddie clapped again. "Come on, it's either you or Searle, and... well, you know how he is."

Yes. As far as Teodrin knew, there was nothing out of the ordinary about Searle's anatomy. "I really should do my homework. I have a lot of it."

"That's a shame." Adonis sighed. "I think we would have had a good time."



Van said...

I think young Kemorins may on occasion forget that other people's comfort zones have borders. :S

Farilon is one of Octavius's sons. He's engaged to Rina's cousin and roommate Nata. Adonis is Ceidrid and Evaleith's second son.

Winter said...

I think they do forget sometimes, and it doesn't help that Teodrin's comfort zone is extremely small. This case is a hard one. Teodrin could use more social time, but his problems are ultimately internal and not going to be fixed by any amount of social interaction. He has to learn to be comfortable with himself on his own terms. But maybe more exposure to others would help with that? Everyone has some quirk/imperfection if you get to know them well enough.

Van said...

The whole world may just be Teodrin's discomfort zone. :S

There's not much anyone else can do for Teodrin other than provide him some distraction, which could only be temporary. He's on his own in terms of learning to be comfortable with himself, and that doesn't come easily for him. But at the same time, expanding his circle isn't likely to hurt him, as long as he makes his absolutely boundaries clear and they respect that.