April 15, 2015

In Which Lily Is Brought Closer

April 9, 1191

"You look lovely, sister." Riona was not usually one for sincere compliments, preferring only to flatter when she might gain flattery in return and keeping it to herself if genuinely impressed, but Lily knew her sister well enough to know when she spoke her mind. Riona didn't have the energy for social games these days, anyway. Her older son was quite ill, and not one of the healers she'd summoned expected he'd last the year. With the death of her daughter ten years prior, that would leave her with only one child--and for all of King Roderick's children who weren't Leara, babies were few and far between.

While 'sweet' was not an ideal word to describe Riona most of the time, Lily thought it was just that of her to show up to her wedding at all.

"Thank you. And thank you for helping me prepare."

"You're welcome." Riona sighed. Lily knew in her gut that she was about to say what they were both thinking. "I wish Mother were here."

"Father too, as long as we're dreaming," Lily agreed. Her brother Farilon would be the one giving her away. She'd hardly be the first bride to walk down the aisle an orphan, but it was a fate she wouldn't have wished on anyone. Certainly not herself.

"Maybe they are, on some other plane." She sniffed, hardly believing it herself. But for the sake of her children, perhaps Riona made more of an effort where the divine was concerned than Lily gave her credit for.

Riona reached for Lily's shoulder and rubbed. The stiff fabric of her wedding gown scratched as it folded, but Lily let it slide. "Wherever they are, I know they're proud of you. And pleased that we'll be sisters twice over now."

"True." Riona's husband Lonriad was one of Cambrin's older brothers. "That will only bring us closer."

"I should hope so. With Mona so far away, the two of us have to stick together."

Even then, she'd write Mona first thing the next morning.

For their mother's sake. "Yes."


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