April 24, 2015

In Which Kay Breaks the Quiet

July 15, 1191

Kay didn't remember climbing out of his crib. He didn't remember standing on his toy-box to reach the doorhandle. He didn't even remember waking up.

All he knew was that he needed his mama.

So he toddled over, the quickest he'd walked since he'd figured out how to walk. He was light enough that creaky floorboards that always screamed under his papa's boots didn't make a sound.

Either that, or there was no sound.


Beneath the purple blanket, his mama stirred. But his papa didn't move. He didn't even snore.

Kay's papa always snored.


"Mmm... Kay?" His mama pulled away from his papa and rose from the bed. "What are you doing up? How did you get out of the nursery?"

"Mama!" Kay fell back onto his buttocks and bounced. "Trees."



His mama picked him up, her fingers running through the ends of his hair. "What's happening, baby?"

"Why is everything so quiet?"



Van said...

Eye hurts. :S

Ann said...

Okay, this is creepy! Why is Lonriad not moving? I hope it's for magical reasons and that he'll be okay.
I guess this means we'll be seeing Elarys soon? And getting some info on what this mysterious Heiress business is all about?

Sorry to hear about your eye. :( That sucks!
Any clue what's wrong?
I hope it'll be okay again soon! Feel better! <3

Van said...

Rest assured that Lonriad is fine. It's not so much that Lonriad isn't moving-- more that Morgan and Kay are.

Next post should be a well of exposition.

Not entirely sure what's wrong with it. It was sore and watery, but not red enough to be pink eye. I got some drops and they seemed to help; wearing glasses instead of contacts today as a precautionary measure.