April 21, 2015

In Which CeeCee Keeps Mum

June 2, 1191

"Will you be staying with your mother and stepfather during the break?" CeeCee flopped back onto Farilon's couch and tried to fish a grin out of him with one of her own. It only half-worked.

"I might. It would be nice to get a little better-acquainted with my new niece."

"Oh, right. Searle's daughter." Searle Sadiel had a daughter. What a strange thought. "Yes, I think that will do you both well."

"Almost as well as you taking one of my classes next semester would," Farilon agreed as he sat down beside her.

CeeCee grimaced. It was probably best to keep mum about that for now. "Maybe..."

"I was surprised not to see you in one this term, actually. I know you're not majoring in my faculty, but my mechanics classes would complement your mathematics classes nicely. I thought you'd be interested."

"I am interested. I'm just... interested in a lot of things. I had to go with what best fit my schedule." It was true enough that it would do for now.

"Fair enough." All the same, he didn't look too happy about it--even if he did fork over the other half of that smile. "Anyway, what about you? Are you heading back home soon?"

"I'll be back and forth. I want to get a bit of a head start on some readings."

"Then maybe I'll see you in the library--steer you toward some of the books on my reading list."

"Ah, right." She wouldn't object to that. The physics texts would make for some interesting reading, even if she didn't end up getting credit for them. "Well, I should have plenty of time to check some out."


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