April 3, 2015

In Which Severin Tells to Expect

November 30, 1190

"This is our last night in this bed." Rina shuffled an inch or so downward, her hair bunching up against Severin's arm. "That's so strange."

"It won't be our last night on campus. I'll be around plenty of nights to make use of your bed."

"Still, I'll miss having you around all the time. Plus, I think this bed is more comfortable than mine."

"And your roommates are louder than mine."

"It's more that two of my roommates are louder than all of your remaining ones put together, but true enough."

"Only Nata won't be there much longer--and you won't be there much longer than Nata."

"And it'll be the two of us, living above your surgery."

"Yes, indeed." Though if only Rina were graduating tomorrow as well! Never before had a seven month age gap seemed so colossal. "But until then, expect me to visit often and frequently."

"How often and frequently?"

Not enough for his taste, that was for sure. "As often and frequently as possible."


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Long weekend! Enjoy.