March 5, 2015

In Which Severin Makes a Start

September 12, 1189

"She was still pretty angry last time she said anything to me, you know."

Severin nodded. He hadn't expected Rina to be over it, and if Nata greeted him with a warning instead of her usual teasing about how Virgo House was the least virginal house on campus, that spoke volumes. "I know."

"She might not want to talk to you."

"I know. If she doesn't, I'll go."

Nata sighed. It didn't suit her, but her concern for her cousin did. "I'll tell you're here, then."

"Thank you."

She hurried up the stairs and left him to his thoughts--not a comfortable place of late. Why had he said it? What did it matter if he didn't want kids if they couldn't have them anyway? Even if he had wanted kids, he would have rather had none with Rina than a dozen with anyone else.

God. The only person he'd ever considered spending his life with and he'd fucked it all up with a thoughtless comment. His mother's advice should have been his instinct, but it hadn't been. How many other boneheaded comments would he make, instead of their reasonable, even romantic alternatives? Would he need to bounce everything he said to Rina off of his mother for the rest of his life.

Assuming she even took him back...


There she was, down the stairs in Nata's place. If he'd had any words chosen, they were gone. He was an idiot. He was such a fucking idiot.

"I... I didn't know what to say, and I chose my words poorly."

She just stared. With a deep breath, he stepped forward and took her hand. She didn't pull it back. Still, he didn't want to take her time for granted.

"I wanted to reassure you, but I realize now that all I was doing was sweeping your hopes and pains under the rug, as if somehow my happiness would make them go away--and I'm sorry. The truth is that all I want is to spend the rest of my life with you, spend it trying to make you as happy as you make me, if you'll let me. And I understand if you won't. I'll leave if you want me to."

"I don't want you to leave." She squeezed his hand back. Her touch was cold and warm at once. "Happiness doesn't come naturally to me."

"Then I'd like to help in any way I can."

"Thank you." She managed a small smile as he pressed his lips to her fingers. A small one--but it was a start. "You're sure you're ready for everything that's bound to come from marrying me? All the talk? Maybe nagging from you parents?"

"My mother won't be a problem, and she knows how to keep my father in line." He smirked. "And I don't give a damn about anyone else."

"And if I did... somehow have a baby?"

Then he'd come to terms with it. "It won't be problem, loving anyone who's half you."



Van said...

This post was delayed by sick. :(

Winter said...

Being sick sucks. I hope you're feeling better! :/

I'm glad they're patching things up. Severin may be his cranky self, but he's half Florian in there somewhere. Speaking without thinking (voluntarily or involuntarily) is in the Tumekrin blood.

I'm torn about whether I'm rooting for a miracle baby or not from them. On the one (logical) hand, they're an awesome couple with or without kids, and not everyone needs children to be fulfilled. I also hate to think of what Rina's pregnancy could be like for her (never mind her not surviving it.) If they wanted children, maybe it would be worth it, but right now that's not really the case. On the other (illogical) hand, Sim stories are one place it's not so bad to let your Eliana flag fly - the pixels can't feel the pressure ;). A Rina/Severin kid would have an amazing personality and a very interesting upbringing between its parents and paternal grandparents.

(Also, I now have the idea that if Florian ever said anything Rina didn't like (re: kids or anything else), she'd tell him to fuck off and he'd smile and ask for a high five. Yes.)

Van said...

Thanks. I'm making a slow, yet steady recovery.

It's true that Severin can't beat the Florian genes a hundred percent of the time. Here's hoping most of his future slip-ups are of a more hilarious variety.

I'm of two minds about a Severin/Rina baby myself. They don't need children to be fulfilled, and part of Rina's journey as a character will be fully realizing that. Plus, yeah, pregnancy and birth would be dangerous for her. On the other hand, the kid would be a gem of a character.

In any case, I don't have plans for them to have a baby or for them to never have a baby. Their first handful of years, at least, will be just the two of them.

Telling Florian to fuck off may not be the worst way to earn his respect. XD If Florian's a pain in the ass about kids, it'll be more about the idea of half-noble offspring than Rina herself.

Ekho said...

Glad for these two! Have to wonder if thats the end of the baby issue though!

I don't think Rina should give up hope I mean, Naroni is a magical place ;)

Van said...

I think for now, they're just going to see what happens. Rina's getting used to the idea of never having a baby, but that doesn't mean she's not hoping for one at some point. Severin just wants Rina to be happy.