March 18, 2015

In Which Gennie Happens Across the Wrong Kemorin

March 11, 1190

"Dalston's not here."

Gennie could see that--and what a disappointment it was! Willott had mentioned that Lord Severin and Lady Leonora would be out surveying some of their lands, and typically when a lord was out and about for the day, it was the heir who had the run of the place. She had not expected to find CeeCee in the study.

But as a blush took over her face, she found she was too proud to tell CeeCee that. "Who says I'm looking for Dalston?"

"History, maybe?" CeeCee turned the page of the ledger in front of her and scribbled something in the margin. Dalston's aunt was ordinarily pleasant enough, but now that she was in her university preparation year, her impatience tended to require less coaxing. "I don't know if he's even in the castle, to be honest. If he left, he would have told someone where he was going, but it wasn't me. You could ask his mother, or Uncle Falidor--"

"I'm not looking for Dalston!" Was that a little too defensive? She hoped not! "Perhaps I'm only here to chat with my good friend CeeCee."

Her 'good friend' CeeCee sighed. "What's 'CeeCee' short for?"

"Cee... Ceenderella?"

The other girl snorted. Gennie supposed it had been a weak guess. "Look, Gennie, I told my father I'd get these figures balanced for him, and then I have some studying to do, so if you wouldn't mind asking someone else--"

"Is Dalston avoiding me?"

CeeCee raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"Well, he never seems to be around when I call. It's awfully rude of him, don't you think?"


"Oh! Do you think he might be playing hard to get?"

CeeCee's stare was approximately Dea's any time Gennie brought up the topic of Dalston. A pity she hadn't happened across Lyssa or Thetis instead!

"...I'm really too busy for this right now."



Van said...

1190 only has one post per calendar month. It's kind of a breather year.

Emma said...

Hey :)
Still lurking, still liking your story. Just wanted to let you know ^^

And wasn't there once a year with a total of seven posts or something? :D Short years are pretty alright, don't worry ^^

Emma :)

Van said...

Hi! No worries, nothing wrong with lurking. :)

Yep. I think that was '59 or '60 or something. And then there was one year with forty or fifty-some posts. It can vary quite widely. XD

Ekho said...

Aww I know what its like to be smitten! Every single thought relapses back to that person! Though I can see how CeeCee would be frustrated by the interruption..

Van said...

Alas, Gennie is just at the right age to be smitten.