March 15, 2015

In Which Alya Offers More

January 7, 1190

"I'm glad you've managed to visit me so often." Roddie shuffled to the center of the couch and slung his arm around Alya's shoulders. "I hope your parents aren't feeling too guilty about making me head back to campus early."

"I don't think 'guilty' is the right word. They're realists." Her mother had been younger than she was when Shahira had been born, after all. "But they wish you well, and they won't have much jurisdiction once I start here anyway."

"Pity that's still nine months away. We could very well have a baby before then."

"That's got to be the worst hint I've ever heard. Besides, you know I need to get something from the clinic before we can do that."

"True. University's enough work without a baby anyway."

"Really? You and your friends never seem to be doing much when I drop by."

"Not true." He pulled her onto his lap and smirked. "We drink a lot."

"A lucky thing you're not a mean drunk, then." Nor could he hold his liquor, truth be told--but he didn't need that pointed out so soon after the New Years' fiasco. "I think we'll have more to do once I'm here too."

"Well, then." He bowed his head, his brow to hers. "I'm up for it when you are."



Van said...

I've been in kind of a low lately. A low even by my very low standards.

So, that's why there was nothing yesterday. This is kind of an attempt to just do something. Next few posts might be in the same vein.

Sorry about that.

Ann said...

I feel you. It's been the same for me. Must be the season or something?
You don't have to appologize anyway. :) Feel better! And I'll try to do the same.

Van said...

I guess so. :S

Thanks. I hope things pick up for you too. And that I eventually get back to chat one of these days.

Ekho said...

These two would be blood related wouldn't they? Only Alya is adopted? Riona found her right? I remember the cute little rescued toddler haha

Either way they're very cute together, can't believe Roddie is all grown up as well. Silly but it makes me feel old!!!

Van said...

Yep--Alya is adopted, meaning she and Roddie have no blood relationship so far as anyone can trace. Riona and Isidro took her in when she was little.

Haha! Yeah, they make me feel old too. XD