March 28, 2015

In Which Rina Holds Up

August 1, 1190

"You don't think the braids are too juvenile, do you?" Cladelia fidgeted with the front lock of her hair yet again. It was half a miracle the lilies tucked inside had held.

"No, they look fine." Rina forced herself to smile. She didn't think she'd been Cladelia's first choice to help her dress, but of Cladelia's two old-enough half-sisters, Renata was in Naroni and Maelle had been barred by her mother on the technicality that she hadn't bled yet. That must have left the future sister-in-law as the first line of backup. "You look fine."

"You're sure?"

"For the hundredth time, yes!" She gagged out a laugh, if only to make up for Cladelia's sullen stepmother seated at the desk. Lady Odette could scarcely be bothered to give the time of day to her own daughters, never mind her husband's first wife's. "You're beautiful."

Cladelia blushed. "Well... thank you."

Of course, Lady Odette only sniffed. "It is immodest to agree, Cladelia."

"It's her wedding day. Everyone else will be admiring her, so why shouldn't she join in?"

"I suppose one might expect such sentiments from a girl who agreed to marry a steward's son." Not that girls had never married far lower to get away from parents like that. Much to Rina's relief, Lady Odette rose and made for the door. "Cladelia, I'm going to find your father. No doubt he's about to walk you down the aisle with his hair in disarray. You're welcome."

Cladelia, tactful as ever, waited until her stepmother had shut the door behind her. "If what I'm thankful for is that you're leaving, yes."

"Never mind that you no longer have to live with her," Rina added. "There's not much worse than a lousy parent."

"And I'm sorry you would know that so well." Cladelia hugged her--not something they'd done before. But, Rina supposed sisters-in-law did things like hugging on occasion. "Arkon and I will be in Naroni for your wedding, all right? We promise."

"It won't be until some time next fall. You might--" Did she want to say it? Would it hurt too much? "--have a baby by then."

A bit of a sting, yes--but not the searing pain she'd braced herself for.

"We'll worry about that then." Cladelia grinned--just in time for someone else to come knocking on the door. Someone who was definitely not Lady Odette.


"Oooh, your betrothed!" Her sister-in-law just managed to keep from clapping. "Come on in."

He did. Woe behold those who disobeyed a bride on her wedding day, after all. "Rina. Cladelia. You both look lovely."

"No need to state the obvious," Rina insisted with a smirk. Perhaps that baby comment had emboldened her somewhat.

"But it's appreciated nonetheless." Cladelia flipped one of her braids, finally satisfied. "Did you two want a moment alone?"

"Would that be all right?"

"As long you don't have sex on my marital bed."

"We'll try not to."

"You'd better." Cladelia winked, then slipped past Severin and into the corridor. He shut the door once she was out of view, then stepped forward and took Rina by the hands.

"How are you holding up?"

"Better than I thought I would, actually." She squeezed his fingers. "Thanks again for coming with me."

"Any time."

"I'll make it up to you one day."

"You never have to make it up to me." He took her in his arms and dipped her with a kiss. "You make my world every day."

How corny. And how unlike him.

But he was sweet for trying.

"We did say we wouldn't have sex on Cladelia's marital bed."

"How about in the study where you father died?"

Sweet indeed. "You know just what to say to a girl."



Van said...

So many weddings...

Ann said...

Oh gods, that would be sweet revenge indeed! XD I hope the bastard is tearing out big hanks of ectoplasmic hair in frustration!

And also: Teh Awwwws!

Anonymous said...

Well, Odette sure is a lovely woman. O.o'
Reminds me of Edana Aurnia. Nothing against "prim and proper" ladies, though, these can be quite interesting and nice characters, too.

Van said...

Ann: Yep! Nothing quite like having sex in places that would personally gross out people who made your life a living hell.

Mimus: Oh, there are some nice and interesting "prim and proper" lady characters out there, for sure--Hettie from Lothere, for example, or Lynn from Albion. But yeah, Odette does not do the group as a whole any services. :S

Winter said...

I knew Odette was, erm, conventional, but for some reason her name made me picture someone who didn't look like such a grouch. The reality works better, of course. It's a wonder her other children haven't run away yet.

Very convenient to have the bastard's death spot handy for pre-martial sexcapades! I hope whatever afterlife he fell into gives him a moment to notice it and burn on the inside.

Van said...

Heheh. Odette's personality was (perhaps sadly) sort of influenced by that general grouchiness about her Sim. She more or less leaves her sons to their own devices, even if she's not too affectionate with them, but she's tough on her daughters.

Rest assured that wherever Felron is, he must now continue on with the knowledge that Rina had premarital sex with the guy who threatened him with songs about his penis on the very desk where they found his body. :)