March 30, 2015

In Which Meera Is the Next Pair of Good Hands

September 6, 1190


She didn't mind given the circumstances--illness wasn't anyone's fault, after all--but when Meera had imagined her wedding party, it had not included a detour to her mother-in-law's bedroom to make sure the woman was comfortable. Laralita had mellowed considerably since her years as Queen of Naroni, everyone said, and Meera didn't doubt it given their pleasant-enough time spent together. That didn't mean seeing Laralita to her bed would have been her first choice of wedding reception activities.

Of course, it would have been even further down Laralita's own list. "Much, thank you. Where did you learn to rub shoulders so well?"

"My mother used to rub ours, before she died." And many nobles would have considered that too common a task, but Meera had always found it a welcome personal touch. "Do you need help with anything?"

"Oh, no, I'll wait for my maid. I couldn't keep you long from your own wedding party."

"It wouldn't be much trouble. The party will surely go well into the night anyway." Provided the guests had the presence of mind to keep the noise down.

"Not without the bride, it won't! Farilon and Lily can always check up on me while you have your night. Just tell Farilon to make sure that ghastly wife of his doesn't bother me."

Meera shuddered. Danthia of Valcria--or, as she insisted, Princess Danthia of Naroni, for all her husband was half an exile of that land. With any luck, she'd turn up her nose at the 'low-brow' festivities and leave in a huff before supper. Meera's mother had taught her better than to look down on other women, but Danthia wasn't even human enough for Meera to consider whether she was a woman or not. "You and me both. I'll tell him."

"Thank you. It's good to know that the rest of my boys married good women--my lucky young Conant in particular." That last bit might have been gratuitous--surely Ren had been far more accommodating to Laralita overall--but the first part was sincere enough.

"Well, however you raised Conant and his brothers, they grew up splendidly."

"Well... I can't pretend I deserve much credit for Searle, but for the others, thank you." She smiled--tired, weary, but a smile nonetheless. "I'm glad Conant will be in good hands."

There was more to that, but it needn't have been said. "I'm glad you approve."



Van said...

We saw Meera once as a teenager, here.

Winter said...

Laralita, I am legitimately sad to see you go. She really did manage to become a less obnoxious person in her later years. Hopefully, she and Roderick can look down on everyone from the afterlife together.

It's good to know that Her Royal Hideousness, Danthia, is the exception among Laralita's daughters-in-law. Meera was very nice to look after Laralita a bit on her own wedding day. May Meera and Conant be happy together (and may the Lizard Princess get what's coming to her.)

Van said...

She did. :( Here's hoping she'll rub off on Roderick when they're reunited.

Yeah, other than Danthia, Laralita lucked out in the daughter-in-law department. Meera and Conant are quite happy with each other so far, and I have no immediate plans to change that.