March 26, 2015

In Which Renata Promises

July 14, 1190

"I'm glad you felt up to attending Alina's wedding." For all the idea had worried Renata at first--but once they'd reached the chapel, Laralita had seemed all right, at least then. "I know it meant a lot to her and Searle."

"Oh, I needed to get out of bed anyway. Besides, it's not every day one of my nieces or nephews gets married--even with the size of our family." Laralita giggled, but there was a hint of a sigh behind it. "The doctor said he expects I'll make it to Conant's wedding in September, at least. I hope Lily and Marsden will forgive me for missing theirs when their wedding days arrive."

"Of course they will."

"I should hope so. With any luck, I'll have a decent view from the clouds."

Perhaps. Still. "You needn't speak like that just yet."

Laralita sniffed. "I'll speak how I like. Besides, it would have been a poetic injustice had I lived too long to leave a beautiful corpse."

"We're Sadiels, Lara; we all leave beautiful corpses." If only they could all leave beautiful elderly corpses.

"I suppose that's true. But promise me one thing--or try to, at least."

Renata didn't think her sister had ever asked her to promise anything, but she nodded now. "All right."

"If it's possible, I'd like to be buried next to Roderick. One of my sons can deliver me if that good-for-nothing stepson of mine relents."



Van said...

Next post should be longer than this one and the last few.

Ann said...

Ack! For some reason this makes me get teary. :( Laralita wanting to be burried beside Roderick. He didn't deserve her, but it's still ... aww.

Van said...

Those two were quite happy together, back in the day.