March 9, 2015

In Which Farilon Stares at Curtains

November 15, 1189

Farilon had put up his new bedroom curtains that morning.

He wasn't the sort of person who cared much about curtains. His old ones had faded, his mother had noticed, she'd taken it upon herself to order some new ones. So, he'd dropped the old ones off at the chapel for scrap fabric, then put the new ones up, ill-advised as it might have been to do it himself.

And every few hours, he had to go and stare at them again.

Why? They were just ordinary curtains. The pattern wasn't even that interesting. Hell, the colors weren't even spectacular! And yet, he kept staring at them.

Maybe it was about time he thought about finding someone to stare at them with him.

His brother had gotten married the day before. His younger brother. Not that Farilon wasn't happy for Searle. In fact... he didn't think he was quite ready yet, even if his younger brother was. But maybe he was closer to ready than he'd considered.

After all, if someone else was around to see the curtains, he'd only have to stare at them half as much.

That sounded stupid even in his head.

But it was something to think about.



Van said...

Filler? Filler.

Adie said...

I LOVE his outfit

Van said...

A gem from the Andavri collection. :)