July 2, 2015

In Which Yvanette Isn't Qualified to Lecture

October 10, 1192

"So, how did this week's mission go?" Sevvie asked as Yvanette set herself in the chair in Searle's old bedroom. Sevvie's own room, he'd deemed, risked too much risk of intrusion, though Yvanette doubted that would be an issue today. Adonis had his cousin Alina over, and the two were currently engaged in one of Honora's tea parties. His sister Alina and stepsister Viridis had gone down to the village with his father, Kay was down for a nap, and so was the now heavily-pregnant Lady Morgan. There was no one around to merit such secrecy.

Though, Yvanette had to cringe at herself as she thought that. It had proven to be a pretty sensitive week--too sensitive for Sevvie, even. "Uneventful."

Sevvie cocked an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Really." Yvanette rather hated lying to her only friend, but this wasn't her secret to share. "She just went about doing the usual old boring things."

"But Uncle Had's positive she has a suitor." And his uncle was right about that. But given her newfound suspicions about her beloved Aunt Xeta, it didn't feel right blabbing on Sevvie's cousin. "You really didn't see her with anyone?"

"Not in that way, no." That was the third assertion. Surely that would be enough to satisfy him? Especially now that she was sort of able to control her transformations, so long as she didn't leave too much time between? "Shouldn't you be relieved?"

"I guess." His befuddled expression did little to back that up. "I don't know. It's not like Cousin Honora to be sneaking around like that."

"She's not obligated to tell her father everything. Or anyone else in her family." She wondered how Sevvie would take it if he ever learned that Honora's mystery suitor was a relation of his on his other side. "Plus, I don't think the two of us are much qualified to lecture on sneaking."

Sevvie snorted. "I guess you're right there."

"So, maybe we can leave Honora alone for a while? Keep tabs on someone else?" Hopefully someone with less to hide.

"All right. Maybe Riala Denvus? I want to see if she really did master bull-riding."

"She did. My cousin Dalston saw her, remember?"

"Your cousin Dalston couldn't resist telling a lie to benefit a pretty girl, never mind that he's betrothed." That... was true enough. She guessed. "What about your Uncle Farilon? My Aunt Raia says he has a spring in his step these days."

Uncle Farilon--yes, he seemed safe enough. If nothing else, he wouldn't be too angry if he caught her spying on him. Maybe even happy that she was finally getting the hang of the magic thing. "All right."



Van said...

Sevvie is so much like both of his parents it's ridiculous. Same with Yvanette.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully Yvanette won't walk in on her uncle.
That would be awkward. xD'

Van said...

That would be! XD

Luckily, I think Yvanette is mature enough at this point to leave if she picks up that people are about to get down to it.

Winter said...

Ah, the perils of spying on people! It's so easy learn something you wish you didn't know. At least Yvanette is being careful with the information she gathers. She's a very ethical spy cat.

Van said...

An ethical spy cat indeed! Yvanette probably sees a lot that embarrasses her, or that she wishes she could have left well enough alone. But, I guess then at least she's not focused on being angsty about her transformations? :)

S.B. said...

Not only is Yvanette (and I adore that name) an ethical and careful and wise spy, she's ethical about lecturing. Sevvie seems to be on to her so not only is she ethically spying, she's avoiding her own possible spy.

They really are cute together, and sort of fearsome.

Van said...

"Yvanette" may just be my favorite name in the entire story. :)

She does have a strong moral compass, possibly in no small part due to her experience with the transformations and knowing how devastated she would have been if they'd become common knowledge.

Sevvie... well, he cares about Yvanette, but I don't think he's learned the ethical boundaries of this kind of work quite yet. He has this tendency to sort of "over-help", to the point where it's no longer helping, and I think Yvanette picked up that this might have ended up being the case if she'd told him what she'd discovered about Honora. He's nosy, like his mother was--but to Asalaye's credit, she never shared any deep dark secrets her nosiness happened to come across.