July 18, 2015

In Which Prior Is Loved

March 4, 1193

"So... you're really going, then?" Prior asked as his mother hugged him.

"Yes. It's official. Your Aunt Xeta and I will be living at the cottage." She rubbed his shoulder and stepped back, a smile on her face--though, not without a hint of bittersweet behind it. "I don't believe we'll be moving in until summer, though. Her children still need to decide whether or not they want to come with us."

"Has she told them about...?"

His mother shook her head. Her hair was so silky that movement never mussed it. Prior must have gotten his father's hair texture, as he'd gotten his father's color. Though, if he recalled correctly--and he dearly hoped he did!--his father's had been coarser than his own. "She will. She's just trying to figure out how to best tell them."

"I think they'll be happy for her. She is their mother, after all." He could never imagine not being happy for his!

"I hope you're right. Anyway, one of these days, you'll have to come down to the cottage with me and pick out your bedroom; I trust you'll visit whenever you can?"

"Hopefully more!"

"Good! I wouldn't have settled for seeing less of you." His mother clasped her hands together, violet eyes alight. If Prior ever had a daughter, he hoped she'd have those eyes. "You know... to be honest, Prior, before you born... I never thought I'd enjoy being a mother. But my God, there's not a thing in this world or any other I'd trade you for, my darling boy."

Prior blushed. He knew his mother loved him, but she was rarely so free with her words of affection. She'd never needed to be.

He'd felt fully and completely loved every day of his life.

"There's no mother I'd rather have than you."



Van said...

Aaaand today ran away on me. I still need to do a shoot tonight at some point, unless I want to risk being even more tired than usual at work on Monday. :S

Winter said...

Prior, please never stop being this cute! It's no wonder why Camaline adores him. He's sweet as sugar and a great person on top of it. He might not get to pass along any violet eyes, but he and any children will be better for having had Camaline as his mother. The scheme that brought him and Alina into this world was 100% worth the trouble, I'd say.

Van said...

Prior is 100% cute, sweet goodness. He and his future offspring are definitely better off for having Camaline in their life; not everything a parent passes on is in the genes, after all. For all I doubt Camaline would ever recommend pulling a scheme like that, she doesn't regret it for a second now that Prior's in the world.

Ekho said...

Awww! Can't help but feel Lettie's heart would break to here Prior say how much he loves Camaline. Even sadder him hoping his future daughter would have Camaline's violet eyes... I wonder how he's going to handle the truth if/when it comes out. He's obviously very mature so I can see him understanding, but at the same time it would be a lot to deal with.

Van said...

It would be sad for Lettie... but, at the same time, she knows that Camaline is the one who raised him. And I think she'd take comfort in knowing that Prior is so loved.

Prior does have enough love in his heart for both Camaline and Lettie. Knowing him, he'd probably just feel bad for both of them. :(