July 4, 2015

In Which Octavius Allows for Optimism

November 22, 1192

"Ta-da!" Gennie wasted no time between bursting through the nursery door and depositing the sturdy pink infant into Fred's arms. "Mother is doing very well, and this little fellow stopped fidgeting just long enough for us to get him cleaned up and swaddled."

Octavius indulged himself in a private smirk. With no one putting pressure on Jeda, the hope for this baby had been the basic, altogether sufficient happy and healthy--but it was a delicious irony that the one time with a man other than Ietrin had been enough to make the son that asshole had never gotten.

"He looks just like her," Fred sighed, though Octavius struggled to see it. Hollie and Gennie had both looked far more like Jeda when they'd been born; this baby, from what he could tell, seemed to take after Fred's side more. "Did she name him?"

"Not officially, but she said that since he's your first child, you can name him after your father if you like. Her only condition is that if you have another son, she wants to name him for my Uncle Sparron."

"Of course." Fred kissed the baby's brow and bounced him a little, just enough to his feet stirring in his blankets. "Hello, Rickard. Some day, your mother and I will give you a little brother named Sparron--or a little sister. Or perhaps both!"

A little optimistic, at Jeda's age--but then again, Renata had birthed Clia at the ripe old age of fifty-one, and it seemed that Ietrin had indeed been the problem where reproduction in Jeda's first marriage had been concerned. "Provided sufficient breaks between births, I think Jeda would like that."

"On our wedding night, she told me she wanted ten! So... here's hoping the next one is twins?" Fred laughed. "Come and see your grandson."

Happy to oblige, Octavius rose from the couch and waved to the little fellow. "Hello there, little Rickard."

Rickard gurgled--probably the closest a newborn could really come to smiling.

"He has your eyes, Fred." Yet another reason it was so lucky a thing Ietrin was dead and buried.

"Maybe, but he wears them better." Fred gave his son one last loving look, then handed him over to Octavius. "I think he gets that from Jeda."



Van said...

Next post is the last of 1192. How time flies!

Ren said...

HELL YES. One can only hope somewhere in the great beyond Ietrin gets to know Jeda had a son. It would be great.

Van said...

Oh, I'm sure part of Ietrin's punishment includes this knowledge. ;)

Winter said...

Oh, did Jeda roll the ten babies want?!

Fredaline is a ray of Naroni sunshine. Fred appears to be fitting in with the Tamrions very well.

A Fredaline daughter would undoubtedly be cute, but it would be nice for Jeda to get to name a son after Sparron, should the dice be so generous.

Van said...

Jeda's had that want for a while now. Family Sims. :S

Fred does seem to be getting along quite well with his new in-laws. He probably thought they wouldn't take to him, but the general consensus is that nobody could be worse than Ietrin. XD

Jeda did roll up another pregnancy (making Ietrin roll in his grave, I'm sure), so she'll be getting at least one or the other. Unless the game decides to spout out half a dozen babies of the same sex right before Jeda's, I don't think I'll be rigging that birth either way.

Ann said...

Fred is so sweet! A perfect match, d'awwwwws!
And I'm soooooo with Octavius! Ietrin, heat your (nonexistent) heart out!

Van said...

Definitely some well-deserved sweetness after Ietrin.


Orilon said...

Octavius and Jeda both deserve this sweetness and more after what they have gone through lately. I loved the fact that the baby was a boy.

I'm glad that Jeda out-lived Ietrin and finally can have a hopefully good marriage with Fred (I say hopefully good not because of personality, but life can be a pain in the butt regardless of personality.)

Van said...

The sweetness is well-deserved, for sure. :)

Yeah, life is bound to a pain in the butt for everyone at some point. Fortunately for Jeda and Fred, I have nothing planned for them that's bad enough to be post-worthy, so they'll be in the "no news is good news" group of families for at least a few years yet. Expect most of their next handful of appearances to be mainly as the mother and stepfather of one of Jeda's daughters.