July 22, 2015

In Which CeeCee Speaks the Last Word

May 5, 1193

Of the twelve children Lord Severin had sired, CeeCee was the only one to inherit his preference for the left hand. It wasn't a thing she thought about much, given that neither her parents nor her teachers had stressed the importance of using her right. But, today, as Farilon had reached for her trembling right hand as he said goodbye to his sister, all she'd felt was her own inadequacy, her sheer lack of ability to make things better.

It was stupid to blame that on the hand. Death made people feel that way, not left-handedness. But CeeCee didn't want to think about death any more.

Farilon's family had had enough of that this year.

"Thank you for coming with me."

CeeCee stiffened. Had she not been involved with Farilon, she would have attended the funeral anyway--old family friends, after all. But, due to the complications that might arise from the fact that she was a student and he was a professor, only her parents and his mother knew that they were involved, so they'd opted not to attend as a couple. Upon arrival, though, that resolve had been half-forgotten. She'd scarcely left his side the entire time.

Farilon put away his mourning tunic and joined her on his bed, right hand fiddling with the position of his pillow. He was right-handed, but it shook just as much as her own had. "1194 had better be a damn good year."

CeeCee nodded. She would graduate in December of 1194. "Pity it's still so far off."

"But if it wasn't, there's be that much more pain to bring along into it." Farilon sighed. "She was only twenty-three. She should have had so many more years ahead of her. She should have been the one burying me."

She wished he wouldn't say that. But, she might have felt the same had it been Donnie or Thetis. "I always liked Riona. She had a real strength to her."

"My mother's strength," Farilon agreed. "Of all my sisters, she was the most like my mother, I think."

"Eldona and Lileina might grow into it." But, of course, Riona already had. "Her poor children. I know they have plenty of others around who love them to pieces, but still."

"I guess there are times when love just has to be enough."

It seemed a final note, a last profound thought before a troubled night, and CeeCee had no answer for it. Yet, instead of turning in, they sat in silence. Seconds ticked. Minutes dragged. It couldn't have been more than a quarter hour, but it might as well have been years.

Finally, Farilon spoke. "Will you marry me?"

CeeCee looped the lace of her nightgown around one finger, staring at the wall across from her as if it might crumble. It was the worst time for that question. But, it was the only time.


It was the last word either of them spoke before morning.



Van said...

Morning update? What sorcery is this?

Anonymous said...

You're clearly ill! XP

Yikes, our storylines seem to have conspired with each other where deaths are concerned. O.o'
Though I still have a few lined up. <.<'

But apart from that: *waves Farilon/CeeCee-flag*

Van said...

Thing is, I was up for an appointment that ended up being cancelled because funnel clouds. Figures. :S

Yeah, with Amalric (sp?) on the loose... :S

I have seven more deaths this year, but most of them are out of the country and we won't hear about them (we'll hear about one in the post after next, but it's a person who didn't even have a Sim). Of the seven, only two of the characters have appeared, and one is definitely not popular anyway.

But... the engagement is good news, for all it came at a bad time. They'll probably get married shortly after CeeCee graduates.