February 20, 2015

In Which Morgan Names the Muscles

July 15, 1189

"So." Lonriad pried his lips off of Morgan's cheek and ran his hands down her back. "We're alone."

It wasn't the first time they'd been alone. But it would be the first time... well, actually, Morgan's first time since her first husband had died. "Looks like it."

"Alone. On our birthday." The girls had been delighted to discover that Lonriad and Morgan had the same birthday. "And our wedding night."

"You do realize this means you'll never have an excuse to forget our anniversary."

"Hmm. If I remember correctly, Vera and Lucien came home with a present last year to find that you had forgotten your own birthday."

"Hey! I was very busy! My senior composition class had just turned in their final project proposals."

"Then perhaps I'll submit a project proposal this time next year too." He winked. "A dirty one."

"Romantic." Though, so long as they were in the right place at that time, she supposed she didn't mind. "So... I guess we should..."

"Well... only if you want to. I know this progressed kind of quickly. But first, let me make a point in my favor." His sheepish grin disappeared beneath his tunic as he pulled it over his head. It reemerged when he flung it to the floor.

Oh, my.

"So." He pulled himself close again. She found herself looking down, mesmerized by the distinct muscles of his core. Her poor Lonan had been skin and bone even in his better days. Much as she hated to compare... it seemed there was at least one perk to marrying a knight. "What do you think?"

"I think I didn't know there were six muscles there."

"And each firmer than the last, if I do say so myself. You can name them if you like."

Morgan smirked. "I just might."



Van said...

Another one of those "should study, but can't be arsed" nights.

Winter said...

A shirtless Kemorin is a much better contribution to society than studying :D

Congratulations to Morgan and Lonriad! (*cough*pleasehavebabies*cough*)

Van said...

Quite possibly. XD

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of babies. ;)

Ekho said...

Yes! Bring on the babies!

Feel a little awkward for Morgan and her train of thoughts, impressed that comparison with her ex didn't dull the arousal. I guess that's a good sign she's really ready to move on!

Van said...


Lonan's been dead a while now, so yep, Morgan's ready to move on. :)