February 11, 2015

In Which Feoda Is a Different Person

June 14, 1189

"There." Feoda finished up with her sister's laces and plastered a grimace in place, not wanting to be caught in true emotion should Celina turn around. "It fits well."

"It's comfortable, surely. And I do like the color. Ivilia says that she originally designed the pattern for Laveria Kemorin."

"A perk of having a highly-regarded seamstress in the family, I suppose." Willott's own mother was deceased, but his brother's mother-in-law had taken to him like one of her own. Celina, it seemed, had also gained her favor.

"She's made plenty of nice little outfits for Arydath already. Good thing, given how quickly she grows."

"Mmm." But how happy would she be in the long run, if she preferred the perks of being with Willott to Willott himself? Not that Feoda's soon-to-be brother-in-law was a bad man--far from! But it just wasn't the same passion Celina had had with Tanver. "You know, if you need a little more time to consider this, I don't think Willott would refuse to postpone the wedding."

"I'm sure he wouldn't," Celina agreed as she turned around. "But I've made up my mind."

And when Celina did that, there wasn't usually much one could say to persuade her otherwise. But, just in case, Feoda had to ask. "Do you love him?"

"I might one day." So, no. "But I don't want my daughter to grow up without a father, Feoda, and I do want to have more children while I'm still young enough to handle them. Willott's a stable man with a good position and he treats me and Arydath well; that's what I need right now."

And there was a sense in that, Feoda supposed. Still, if Lonel died tomorrow--God forbid--she doubted she could see things the same way, even after sufficient time had passed.

Just went to show that even twins could be very different people. "As long as you're sure."

"I am. And thank you for your concern." Celina cast one last glance around their mother and stepfather's bedroom, then locked eyes with Feoda and smiled. "I guess it's almost time now."



Van said...


I have to get blood work done tonight. :S

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason I confused Celina with Feoda, at least with the names.
To be honest the one time we saw Celina (when her husband died), I couldn't really stand her. Because of her insensitive comments towards her sister.

Good luck! I still have to wait till at least monday.

Van said...

There are enough characters in this story that confusion is bound to happen eventually.

Celina didn't give the best first impression as far as readers were concerned. But she's had a few years to grow up since then, and hopefully she's made the most of them.

Thanks! I hope yours goes well.