February 9, 2015

In Which Lucien Hears an Unsaid Word

May 19, 1189

"So." Lucien sat down on the couch by the window. It was an awkward thought, asking Morgan about Lonriad, especially when she surely considered Vera a closer friend than he, and Vera was right upstairs. But Lonriad was Vera's brother, which complicated things. Vera wouldn't want to hear anything too terrible about Lonriad--nor would she want too hear anything too favorable. "Before I bring the the birthday girl breakfast in bed, I hope you don't mind my asking about your new suitor."

Morgan blinked as she looked up, but managed a snicker quickly enough. "I never took you for a gossip."

"I'm not--but I'm curious."

"And you probably want me out of your house."

"That's not a pressing concern, though I sometimes wonder if you feel somewhat stifled here." If she did, she was too polite to say. But while it was a comfortable family house, it was a little tight for three adults of the same generation, and Morgan probably felt it more than the happy couple did. "But back to Lonriad: do you like him?"

"I do. Very much. And Viridis likes him, and we both adore his children. And it's not as if I'm still freshly widowed."

All true, and she'd know it better than he did. He heard another word she didn't say. "But?"

Morgan sighed. "But... well, the family life wasn't kind to me the first time. I loved my husband, but he died so soon, and my baby never even lived. My raising Viridis alone may not be conventional, but it's worked out so well, and I don't want to jeopardize it. It's a silly thought, I know. I'm sure I'm worrying about nothing, but..."

She trailed off, leaving him to finish the thought for her. "But the first time hurt."

"It did. Very much." He didn't know that particular hurt, but some hurts never healed. "I need a little more time to think about what's best for me and Viridis."

"Of course."

"But I will say that Lonriad's the only man I've felt anything for since Lonan."

"And that may be a good sign."

Morgan smiled. "I should hope it's not a bad one."



Van said...

Kind of a filler post. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's fine. This isn't a tv-series with a mean cliffhanger. xD
Also without filler some characters would probably never appear. And they can be good character development.

But isn't raising a child also family life? I always got angry at my (now deceased) grandmother whenever she would say my mother and I aren't a family because we're only two. :-/

Winter said...

I think Morgan meant the traditional family life. (I know I wouldn't dare tell her that she and Viridis aren't a family!) She was burned by the extended family and their poor treatment of her after her husband died. Viridis would likely be very hurt if her new family fell apart or treated the only mother she's known badly. We readers know that's not how the Kemorins operate. It speaks to Morgan's intelligence that she's considering her whirlwind courtship logically before doing anything permanent.

All the same, I hope she doesn't take too long to consider ;). They're a lovely couple.

Van said...

Mimus: Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was at school, then when I got home I had to take the nap of the dead. :S

Morgan and Viridis are absolutely a family! Winter hit the nail on the head with her explanation. The conventional husband and (biological) kids thing hasn't worked out for Morgan in the past, but raising an adoptive daughter on her own has gone very well.

Winter: No, the Kemorins are definitely not Morgan's old in-laws, and the last thing Viridis needs is to lose any more family. I don't think it would be Morgan if she didn't consider the possible outcomes before putting a ring on Lonriad.

But yes, they are cute together! And I have high hopes for any kids they might have.

Ekho said...

Oh so Morgan is the lucky lady? I guesss she has a lot to sort through just like Lonriad does.

Van said...

Yep. And yep.