February 5, 2015

In Which Florian Appreciates the Timing

April 7, 1189

"Is Mother home?"

Florian snorted. Severin probably needed a word about his Tamrion girl, in which case Florian thought himself just as qualified a guide as Thetis. More so, maybe. He'd worked with Tamrions for years now. And how long had he been dreaming up schemes to get his sons in well with the noble ladies?

But Florian was not a people person, and neither was Severin. Therefore, they often had very little to say to each other. "No 'Hello, Father, how are you'?"

"You seem well enough. Where's Mother?"

"Don't be a smartass. Your mother took Teodrin to another doctor. And Aldhein's snooping around Sir Isidro's castle again, and Esela and Hamrick took the kids off somewhere, so if you want to stick around, you're stuck with me."

"That figures." Severin sighed. Whatever engagement chatter he had would have to wait. In hindsight, maybe Florian should have saved the treetop wedding suggestion for when he could catch the happy couple drunk. "You two aren't going to be pulling Teodrin out of his university classes for doctor's appointments, are you? I mean, he doesn't seem to be dying."

Smartass. "He's not dying. He's just... well, you know."

"Know what?"

"Don't play dumb with me. You shared a bedroom with Teodrin his whole life until you ran off to learn how to sever limbs. Surely you've seen him changing clothes."

"He always changed under the covers." Huh. Not that Florian blamed the kid. "Seriously, Father: what's wrong with him?"

This was the conversation that would have been better suited to Thetis--for all she probably didn't want to talk about it. Though, if somebody else had to know... "Well, I guess your mother and I aren't getting any younger--and if any of you parasites could be useful, I suppose it would be you. But don't tell your mother I told you, all right? I'll tell her myself."

Nodding, Severin took the seat across the table. "All right."

"And don't mention this to Teodrin either. Or anyone else."

"Sounds fair."

"Good. How much have they taught you about babies?"

Severin blinked. He'd never much cared for babies even when he'd been one. The mere sight of his twin sister had been enough to fill the house with his audible displeasure. Having to learn about them must have been torture. "Enough."

"All right. Uh, well... you know how baby boys sometimes, uh... haven't felt the full effects of gravity in the nether regions?"

Severin's eyes narrowed. "You mean undescended testicles."

"No need to use such language in your mother's house! But yes. Anyway, we were told that they should drop within the first year, but it's been over fifteen now and that still hasn't happened."

"That explains the changing under the covers." Severin sunk in his seat, frowning. "Poor Teo. None of the doctors have been at all helpful, have they?"

"None of them have seen anything like it. The worst of them want to make a study of him. Lucky thing your mother will have none of that. Teo's not tough like you or me or Hamrick. He's sensitive. Insecure, even. Something like this weighing on him is enough without anyone making more of a deal of it than they have to."

"No, it's not anyone else's business. Not if he doesn't want it to be."

"Glad they're teaching you some medical boundaries at that school. The last asshole wanted to cut him open and just look around. Your mother nearly cut him open and threw him around."

"Exploratory surgery is pretty risky. High chance of infection, no guarantee of success."

"Worst part was, I think Teo almost wanted it. Can't blame him, though." Poor kid. "I'd want answers too."

Severin nodded. It was rare that they agreed on much, but Florian could appreciate the timing. "There's not much worse than not knowing."

"Not much at all."



Van said...

(Obviously, exploratory surgery is a much less risky prospect nowadays. If that's the medical advice you get in a modern setting, at least consider it if it's financially possible for you.)

Anonymous said...

Obviously. xD
The difference between a surgeon and a butcher often wasn't big back then.

The main problem from what I remember of biology classes with this condition is sterility since the sperm Needs a cooler environment than the rest of the body. I don't know if there are other draw-backs aside from maybe the embarrassement.

Van said...

Come for the sausage, stay for the appendectomy.

Sterility would be the main medical concern, though in Teodrin's case, self-esteem is more pressing. He's already a shy, awkward kid with no friends, and this obviously doesn't help with his confidence. I doubt he thinks anyone would ever want to make babies with him anyway. :S

Anonymous said...

...Good thing I wasn't drinking anything or I would have spit it all over my laptop. Do you want to kill my computer?!

Yes, but there isn't really much a medieval doctor can do here. I don't know how today's medicians do it, but I bet it needs very fine instruments.

Van said...

Sorry? XD

I would assume any surgical options nowadays would be pretty delicate work. A Medieval doctor would be up the creek without a paddle here.

Winter said...

Naroni has yet again added color and intrigue to my internet search history.

Poor Teodrin. Growing up is hard enough without something like this weighing on you. And after so many doctors, so many opinions, it's completely understandable to be willing to do anything to bring it to a resolution. If Severin (or anyone else) can't directly help the problem, maybe he can help coming up with a new strategy for the future. Teodrin shouldn't be left to think that this is going to be the rest of his life. His future sister-in-law could tell him as much.

Van said...

Growing up never needs any extra complications. Teodrin needs either answers or steadfast reassurance--but alas, the constant confused doctors are giving him neither. Something else to focus on would help quite a bit, but Teodrin doesn't seem to have much else going on in his life at this point. :(