February 26, 2015

In Which Alina Mentions the Frightening Prospect

August 19, 1189

"So, it's official." Alina's hands fell to her lap, her body wanting to sit after that morning's long walk but too stimulated for complete stillness. "We bought the land--for the bank and for the house. We had to borrow some money from my parents and Jothein's, but we'll be able to pay them back eventually."

"And my grandmother will be happy to reimburse you for some of the bank land. I think I can convince my brother to contribute some money too."

"Excellent!" Oh, how lucky they were that Rina had patched things up with her brother! "I have to say: much as I love school, I'm so excited for what happens next. Jothein and his brothers will get to work on the house as soon as he graduates, so it'll be ready well before we marry."

"Severin and I have been looking at land too. Once we choose a place, Hamrick said he'd set to work on the house. The baron said he'd start recruiting a crew for the bank construction come spring."

"Great. Do promise you'll be near, for all Severin would hate to have his sister for a neighbor."

"I don't think he'd hate it," Rina assured her with a hint of a laugh. "I'll try to convince him."

"I'm sure you will." Her brother was a stubborn ass for everyone else, but damn was he clay in Rina's hands. It was sweet enough that even she found it borderline nauseating. Of course, she'd never admit that to either of them. "This is going to be so much fun! Us, the boys, the bank, Severin's surgery and Jothein's archives, our children growing up together--"

"Our what?"

"Our kids." Why was Rina's mouth twitching? Sure, the prospect was always a little frightening... but good frightening? That was what Alina's older siblings had all said, at least. "You know. They'll be cousins and they'll probably be the same age and they'll grow up close together. Won't it be nice?"

"I guess..."

Her mouth may have said it, but the rest of her face took a while to catch up.


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