November 7, 2014

In Which Severin Waits

October 30, 1187

Rina only had classes in the morning on Fridays, so Severin had hurried over to Virgo House as soon as he'd finished with his own Zoology elective. He'd seen her more than once since the day she'd gotten the news about her father, but she'd chosen not to mention it; he'd learned via his own father, who'd asked how she'd been holding up since the baroness had summoned her, under the impression Severin already knew.

He didn't fault her for not telling him. How would a person go about talking about such a thing, even? Something they were expected to be sad about, but just couldn't be? With that in mind, he hoped his visit wouldn't be undue pressure. "How are you feeling?"

"Honestly?" She knew he knew, then. With his father as the steward to her step-grandfather, it had only been a matter of time. "Like after the doors of my life slammed shut, I finally managed to pry open a window."

"I'm glad of it." He stepped out of the hug, but dared hold her hand, more out of instinct than anything else. She didn't pull it back. "I mean... I'm sorry you got stuck with such a shitty father. But I hope you don't feel obligated to feel something you don't."

"Well, being away from Dovia helps. And most of the people I see from there either leave me alone or know what he was like. Nata spent most of the weekend making fun of him--making me laugh." Her roommate--and cousin. Severin knew Nata only well enough to guess that she had a naughty streak and a good heart. Not the worst of companions for Rina. "Her mother told her about 'Felron of the Flatpants', by the way."

"Oh." There was some uncomfortable warmth in the lower part of Severin's face. It was an alien sensation and he didn't much care for it. "Sorry, I'm sure you didn't want to hear about--"

"No, I thought it was clever." A smile--probably the widest he'd seen out of her since he'd brought Kevin back. The sensation faded somewhat. "Nata said Aunt Riona was in stitches for a week. She wants to meet you."

"The Baroness of Rexus wants to meet me?" If his mother had been here to hear it, he never would have heard the end of it.

"Her and her husband both. If they had their way, that ballad would be written on his tombstone. Don't be surprised if they ambush you when they come here for Tivalia's graduation."

"I'll take that as fair warning." He'd just have to make sure his sister spent that day otherwise occupied. If Alina heard about it, it was never long before their mother did. "Do you want to maybe go out for some drinks later? I have a few readings to do, but I should be able to get them done by evening."

"All right. I'll just finish some work of my own, then meet you at the inn."

"Great. See you then." He squeezed her hand one last time, then left her with a grin before he started for the door. Had the room been only a few feet shorter, and he might have been gone before her next word.


He stopped and turned back around, doing just as she'd asked as she caught up to him.



Van said...

Pizza night.

Ekho said...

Oooh! Things are coming together for Rina, and for Severin! I can't imagine the mixture of what she's feeling, but at least he's being supportive by keeping things reasonably civil and not pushing her to talk/think about it all.
I had Maccas, (McDonalds) as I basically had a heart attack today while going hiking. The waterfall was pretty, but the heat and the climbing was not worth it :P

Anonymous said...

Maybe Severin considers Arkon's, er, "proposal" now?

Van said...

Ekho: What Rina feels is what she feels, pretty much. Severin's not about to go guilting her for things she does or doesn't feel about the whole thing.

Ack! Hiking is always one of those activities you really think you should do more, and then when you do, it's all "Why did I think this was a good idea?", isn't it? That's how hiking's always been for me, at least. XD

Mimus: Possibly! But I don't know if either is about to start picking out china patterns after one kiss. I guess we'll see. ;)

Winter said...

Hooray! I love those two together.

I love Rina's adult gown. It's posh enough and eye catching but somehow still practical. It's a confident look. She's come a long way in a short time.

Van said...

Eeheee... this was a while in the making. But we'll see what they make of it. ;)

Thanks! I've been meaning to use one of those dresses for a while, so I figured... why not Rina? It is a departure from the solid brown she was wearing as a teen. Her early adult years will definitely be an improvement.