November 19, 2014

In Which Farilon Is Weighed

January 8, 1188

"I know it's rough now, but you'll feel better when the birth is over."

Lonriad neither looked nor sounded too convinced of his own statement. Farilon's mother had invited his brother-in-law to sit with him so he could have the benefit of a man who was already a father, but Farilon doubted Lonriad had been the best choice. His daughter had died young, and his son was just as sickly and likely wouldn't live too many more years, even with the benefit of a royal upbringing. Riona was pregnant with their third child, due in May; Lonriad was probably more occupied with his own upcoming baby that he ever could have been with Farilon's.

Not that Farilon blamed him. He may not have understood the worry over sickly children, but he got now--he'd got when Danthia had told him--that a pregnancy could weigh heavily on the mind.

In Farilon's case, it was worry over what Danthia planned to do with the poor child--and how she might take it if it dared be a girl. "I guess..."

"I hope so." His brother sighed. Conant was in Dovia for the university's winter break, as was Lily, currently assisting. Not that the eternal optimist Conant was much help either. "You'll be a great father, bro."

"I don't know..."

"You would, though. Especially to a little girl, I think." Given how much Danthia wanted a boy, he guessed he'd have to be.

"You think?"

"I know. You were always so good with our nieces. Our nephews too, but especially our nieces."

He must have just been saying that. Farilon couldn't recall being much different with his nieces than his nephews, nor had he been a particular favorite. He hadn't been disliked, but he hadn't been liked either. Fittingly with the rest of his life, he'd just happened to be around.

Who knew if someone as insignificant as he was would ever be enough for a kid.



His mother--fresh from the birthing room, baby in arm. "Someone wants to meet you."

A nudge from Conant and he stood. The polite thing to do would be to inquire about Danthia, but he just couldn't manage it. What sort of father couldn't work through his distaste for his own child's mother? What sort of horrid example would that set? "Oh?"

"Yes. Come hold her."

Her. Farilon stepped forward, both relieved and dismayed. If he didn't have a son, then Danthia couldn't wreck him. If he had a daughter, then he'd spend the rest of his life making up for her mother.

She was so small. So delicate, so full of potential. How did he go about doing this? Not breaking her?

"She's... she's beautiful."

His mother nodded. "She is."

"Congratulations, bro," Conant chipped in from the bench. "Your first child."

"Actually..." His mother smiled, and not one she meant to be malicious. But why then did that pit of dread weigh down his stomach? "She's his second child."

Second? "Mother...?"

"Alas, it'll be a while before Danthia lets your son out of her sight."



Van said...

So. This is Naroni #999.

o_O O_o O_o o_O !!!!!!11!!!1!

Anonymous said...

Well, next post you will have 1000! XD

Meh. At first I was happy that the baby was a girl than you just had to say that she's a fraternal twin. -.-'
WEll, I sincerely hope that Farilon will do his outmost to raise BOTH children, so that his son will not be rotten. I do not have high hopes for his wife.
Though who knows? The Boy could be very attached to his sister and will get angry at his mother for ignoring her as it seems to be the case here.
Just because someone will be treated favorable doesn't mean he can't resent the parent that does so if he cares for his sibling.

Van said...

Yeah. Weird, hey. :S

Once Farilon gets over his moment of panic, I'm sure he'll do his best to be a good dad to both children, even if he does favor Laralita a little to make up for Danthia. As for the boy--Roderick--there is indeed no guarantee that he'll grow up to be rotten. He may very well be more loyal to his sister than his mother.

Winter said...

Oh, I knew Naroni 1000 was going to have a Severin of some sort in it!

Maybe Farilon and Cornwall should form a club for insecure new fathers. Farilon will do just fine once he settles into it, though. He knows he needs to compensate for little Laralita's mother. Now that she has a prince and a princess, hopefully the Lizard Queen will leave Farilon alone.

Does the girl have Roderick's eyes? It looks like she might, and his grandchildren seem to inherit them with alarming frequency.

Van said...

It probably was a safe bet. XD

Ha! Yeah, maybe they should. But yeah, Farilon should be okay once he gets used to the idea. And I can't imagine Danthia will want any more kids right away, so he should be safe for a while.

Yep, those are Roderick's eyes. Both babies got them, actually. I think my game might be secretly in love with Roderick.

Anonymous said...

"I think my game might be secretly in love with Roderick."

Bwahahahaha! xD

Van said...

Of all the Sims it could have fallen for. XD

Anonymous said...

Your game's Name is Laralita. xD

Van said...

That would explain more than just the Roderick love. XD

Pen said...

Hooooooo, boy! This is going to be a mess. At least Danthia won't be getting creative with her conception tactics again.

Van said...

Yep... :S