November 9, 2014

In Which Sev Deserves More

November 30, 1187

Classes were finished. Exams had been written. Grades had been posted. It was official.

Tonight would be Sev's last night at Aries House.

He wasn't sure what to feel about that. He'd done his duty by his father in graduating, and he was eager to apply his new-found knowledge to the family business, to make use of his connections to Dovia via his noble roommates. He was excited for his new house on his father's secondary pasture uphill, and upcoming nuptials once Hanna too graduated, their shared business ventures, and perhaps even strolling down to Rifden's shop to commission a cradle. This part of his life may have been over, sure--but he had plenty to look forward to.

On the other hand, he'd miss his classes. His teachers. His roommates. Even the familiar white and reddish decor of Aries House, something he'd barely noticed until the week before.

He'd keep in touch, of course. But it wouldn't be the same.

Sev pushed himself up as a pair of boots shuffled in the next room, en route to the library. Probably one of his roommates--Senwick, most likely--here to offer him one last drink at the inn. Ilyda no doubt factored heavily in that idea, but still.

"A little early to get drunk, don't you think?"

"I didn't pay for you to come here to get drunk."

The door opened. Sev sprung to his feet. "Father! I didn't think I'd see you until tomorrow."

"Nonsense! Artan's running a comfortable inn down here, and it's been a long time since I had a night to myself." His father pulled him into a hug, patting him on the back. "Plus I wanted to see where you'd been living the past four years, and maybe meet the people you've been living with."

"I'm sure they'll turn up," Sev promised--or, perhaps more aptly, warned.

"I'm sure they will--but mostly, I wanted to see my graduate." His father patted him on the back, then released him, his lips caught in a serene curve. "If only your mother could have been here for this. I'm sure she's looking down here, just as proud as I am. And Sev, that is pretty damn proud."

"Thank you, Father." Not that Sev hadn't thought his father cared--but when you were a middle child of nine, it was easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. Especially when your beloved mother had died birthing you.

"No, thank you. Your knowledge will be invaluable to the family--and between you and me, I think you were the only one of my sons who could have worked so hard at it for four years. Top grades, even. I don't know how I'll ever repay you, Sev."

"Uh, well..." Sev shrugged. Then, stupid, he flinched. "You did... sort of pay to send me here..."

"Perhaps, but you deserve more. Just for you." His father's smile widened. He wasn't a grim man, but he wasn't the sort who smiled excessively either. It was a rare sight, that degree of teeth in view. "Why don't I start by buying you and your friends a round at the inn?"



Van said...

Next post is the last of 1187, finally. Seems like it's been a slow year for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Some years take longer than others. Either because nothing much has happened or because too much has happened.

Anyway, is Adonis crazy buying drinks for all of them? He'll have to drag them back all on his own!

Van said...

True. I think there was one year in the '50s that had a grand total of seven posts. XD

Luckily, I don't think any of them will be down after one round. But being a bit of a lone wolf himself, he may have underestimated just how many friends Sev has made. ;)