November 3, 2014

In Which Rina Is Less of a Stone

October 24, 1187

Sir Sidwein was a distant relation. His half-sister Imena was married to Rina's Uncle Mernolt. His own wife was first cousin to Rina's mother. If she went far back enough--and she didn't care to just now--he was some degree of cousin to her without factoring in marriage. But he wasn't so close that he was obliged to pretend he cared much about her father, and for that, she was relieved that he'd been the one sent.

It was an added bonus that he didn't seem to expect much of her either.

Sir Sidwein and Lady Celina had arrived the night before, staying at Veldora Keep. In the morning, he'd ridden to Tetran, and Rina and Arkon had shortly after received a summons from their grandmother. Uncle Garrett had already been told; he'd been and gone before they'd arrived. She supposed he'd gone to the university to tell Uncle Nythran and Pandora. None of them would be too shaken up about it.

She'd give Arkon credit for his half-hearted attempt.

"Does anyone have any idea as to who did it?"

"Not at the time of my departure, no--though the king will have to investigate." Have to. There was one more person who didn't give a damn. "In the mean time, you have been named Count of Tagrien. Your grandmother will act as regent until you complete your studies."

"I trust she'll do well."

Sir Sidwein nodded. He took his eyes off of Arkon for a second and shifted his gaze to Rina. He was far enough for the immediate family that he wouldn't have known her private business, even if he probably realized that Count Felron wouldn't have been much of a father, not even enough of one to be properly missed. Still, it might have been difficult to fathom--one grown child at least present enough to question, the other sitting there still and cold as a stone.

He didn't understand.

She hadn't felt like less of a stone in years.



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Geez, their Meh-ness factor is through the Roof! Any more and they might cease to exist. xD
But then again, this is Felron we're talking about

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Pretty much. XD