November 5, 2014

In Which Morgan Helps Out

October 24, 1187

"Can I help you?"

If ever Morgan had a surprise weekend visitor, it was typically Cherry. And if not Cherry... it was at least someone she'd met before. The woman in front of her was a stranger. Her red hair was not unlike Cherry's shade, but she was a few years older with none of Cherry's humor about her. She wasn't cruel-looking, but she was cold, grim... perhaps a little lost. And, in that, a little familiar.

"You're Morgan?"

She nodded. "Might I have your name?"

"Of course. I'm Celina Andronei." Familiar indeed--though red hair aside, moreso in temperament than looks. "Searle's sister."

"Oh, yes. Vera mentioned you. She said you were married to her uncle."

"Half-uncle. But yes."

Uncle. Half-uncle. So many of these nobles had these so-called half-relatives, and so many of them insisted on the distinctions. Perhaps they were just fond of precision, but Morgan didn't care for the terms. She was an adopted child who now had an adopted child. Family was the heart, and not the blood it pumped.

Then again, maybe that was why Celina was here. But to be sure--or to keep her hopes down--Morgan started with the safer option. "Vera's not here, actually. She's visiting her sister."

"I'm not actually looking for Vera."

"Oh?" She tried not to smile too obviously.

"You see, my husband was asked to deliver some news here. I didn't have any pressing engagements in Dovia, so I thought I'd maybe call on--"


A couple stairs cleared in a leap, Viridis skidded to a halt, blond braids bouncing. "Who are you?"

Celina stared, mouth agape. If she'd met the girl's mother even once, then she saw the resemblance. The woman her brother had loved, their only child together. Proof that, in some form, they and their love lived on.

Morgan would help her out. "This is your aunt, sweetie. Your father's sister."

"My father has a sister?" Viridis's eyes widened. Poor thing didn't remember her father, looks or anything else. "You're really pretty."

"Oh. Uh--"

"Can you tell me about him?" The little girl rushed up to them, beaming up at her new-found aunt. "Please?"



Van said...

Oh, man. Thursdays are my Fridays and they still don't come soon enough.

Ekho said...

This is adorable! (Sorry I have to catch up with reading Naroni) Little Viridis is just gorgeous! I can understand she is eager to learn about her father, and I have the sense that she may very well melt her new aunt's heart. Maybe they both need each other! And I appreciate that Morgan is so supporting/accepting. In her position I'd be fearful of losing Viridis and or her affections to someone of blood relation.

Van said...

No worries! Life tends to get busy.

Viridis looks just like her mother, doesn't she? My game doesn't seem like blending faces when it can just make a kid look like one parent or the other. XD

But yes, I think her aunt will at least be fond of her.

Morgan's been Viridis's Mama for a while now, long enough that she's secure in her position. She's been pretty open with Viridis about the situation, and while she probably does worry about being passed over for the biological family every now and then, she knows Viridis loves her and it's ultimately about what's best for her daughter.