July 31, 2013

In Which Octavius Is Bothered Either Way

April 12, 1182

"All right, so... I guess it's not entirely impossible that you did tell me, and I either forgot or wasn't listening."

More likely the latter, Octavius figured; Florian never forgot anything Octavius would have preferred forgotten, so he doubted it was a memory problem, but after so many years, he had no delusions about his steward's inconsistent attention span. "I see."

"So... congratulations, I guess."

"Thank you." And based on the second half of Florian's story, Octavius thought it best save them both a lot of trouble by not asking if Podrag and Ceira had received the engagement present he'd sent three months prior. "Well, now that we've got this over with, I suppose you can go back to--"

"Wait. I need to ask you something."

What now? Octavius swallowed back a sigh and hoped this was about one of the day's tasks. "Yes?"

"How do you do it?"

With that level of specificity, it might very well have been a reasonable question. Then again, given the inquirer... "Um. Do what?"

"You know." Like a little boy giddy at the prospect of cake, Florian swayed forward and backward, rolling on the balls of his feet. That could not have been a good sign. "That Renata is so goddamn gorgeous that I cried myself to sleep last night. And Holladrin was a ridiculous level of stunning as well. Even Medea--well, I know that your fathers made you two get married, but it's not like she was anything horrible to look at either. I mean, I'm not complaining, because I've got Thetis and I love Thetis, but..."

The hell? "Florian--"

"Seriously, how do you get all these beautiful women to marry you?" Florian bounced, hands clapping together, either teasing or admiring or both. Octavius wasn't sure which would have bothered him more. "I mean, think about. You're not good-looking. Your personality isn't anything special. You do have money, and you're not stupid, but there are richer men and smarter men, and men who are both. And men who are both, plus attractive and interesting!"

"Um... you know that I'm your boss, right?"

"Just saying." Of course. Just because he could. "Really, what's your secret? It's questions like this that keep me up all night. What can women like Renata and Holladrin possibly see in you?"

And what did a woman like Thetis see in Florian? No saint who'd ever lived had quite that patience. "You know, it's getting late. Maybe you should go home for the night."



Van said...

Just a short little post that turned out to be well time because I am sort of having a shitty week (though I expect that tomorrow and Friday will be an improvement).

Soon, back to your regularly-scheduled posts about Sims sitting on couches.

Winter said...

Florian, you're incorrigible. The description of him rolling on his feet made me think of a cat getting ready to pounce.

Van, I hope what I said about the couches on Morganna's blog didn't insult you! It absolutely wasn't meant that way. If it did, I'm so sorry.

Van said...

Ack! Oh, no, I'm not insulted! I was referencing that, but actually because I sort of got a kick out of it, because I've had the thought myself many times. XD And because the thought was part of a great point.

Sorry for the confusion! I read your comment on my (non-smart)phone at work and felt kind of awful for not being able to reply sooner.

I would not say that Florian is un-catlike. He is sort of, um, pouncy with his words. XD

Anonymous said...

I like the couches too! And I think that makes photoshooting so. Much. Easier. Just park the Sims on a couch and wait for good expressions!

But! Ah, FLORIAN!!! I loved every minute of this arc! Of course he wasn't paying attention when Octavius told him the news. I admit I was getting a little worried about Florian's memory for a minute there, but then I realized ... this is Florian. The odds of you giving him early-onset Alzheimer's or something terrible like that are slim to none.

And "How do you do it?" Oh, Florian! Octavius should be asking the same thing of you -- how do you keep Thetis? He's right; "patience of a saint" doesn't begin to describe what Thetis has.

And if Florian really did cry himself to sleep over Renata, Thetis ought to deny him nookie for a long, long time, considering what Florian already has. ;)

Winter said...

Couches are magic that way! I'm glad you got a kick out of it, and I'm sorry I made you feel at all awful at work (of all places!) I just have a habit of "speak first, think later" that occasionally gets me into trouble in person... ;)

Incidentally, I'd also just had a dream that this arc wrapped up with Florian yelling like Charlie Brown and deciding to forget the whole thing. So, I blame Charlie Brown.

Van said...

Morgaine: If I did have any problem with the couches, I would have done something about it by now. Really, the next post could theoretically take place anywhere... but I'm too lazy to make new sets and pose accordingly. XD

(And man, if I ever install the utilities required to make objects on this computer, recolors of those couches will be the first things I make. XD)

Nope, I don't think Florian is at risk for Alzheimer's (or much else, for that matter--I couldn't do that to him, or to you guys). Short attention span, though... yep, that could be Florian. :)

I'm guessing Florian only said he cried himself to sleep for effect. :P Because at the end of the day, I can't really see him wanting anyone but Thetis.

Winter: They do make things much easier. :)

Noooo, don't worry about it. Work is over now, so... yay! No more work until tomorrow. :)

A Florian dream? Nice! :D