July 29, 2013

In Which Florian Is Understood and Not Comprehended

April 11, 1182

"Well, I don't know why you'd expect my response to be any different from my wife's, seeing as we live in the same house and talk to each other and all..." Falidor's brother's side-eye to the door his wife had just shut did not go unnoticed by Florian; Rifden and Aerina had always been one of those couples who were a bit too attached. "...but yes, I did know that the baron had married again. Renata of Valcria, right? Queen Laralita and Lady Alina's sister?"

Hmph. That was the fourth time that connection had been mentioned. At least there had only been the one wise-ass who'd gone back to the previous generation and named her as the baron's cousin. Another cousin! And this time, the baron couldn't even claim the weak defense of 'second cousin'! It would have been amusing, had Florian not been so thoroughly pissed off at everyone at this point.

"I didn't ask for her life story. I just asked if you knew."

"Well, I do. And so does Aerina, and I'm pretty sure my kids have picked it up too." Rifden sniffed. "Actually, I'm pretty sure your kids would have picked it up as well. It's not exactly a--"

"Don't say it." Why did people keep saying that? He was the baron's steward! If anyone knew the baron's secrets... "Never mind. Who told you?"


"And who told him?" As the other man opened his mouth to reply, Florian realized he was better off not hearing that answer. "No, don't answer that."

Rifden sighed. "Can I go home now?"

"Whatever. You're useless anyway." Just like the last dozen people, Florian added to himself bitterly as Rifden hurried out to catch up with his wife. Christ, this was the renovation thing all over again! He still couldn't see what was so different about Seoth's inn.

Well... the inn was a full for this hour, today. He could take advantage of that. "Hey, everybody!" Enough eyes from each table fell to him that the conversations died down, a silent gap trailing behind, just waiting to be filled. "Am I the only one here who didn't know that the baron had married again?"

A couple seconds--the longest of Florian's life!--passed before anyone spoke. But, finally...


"It's a reasonable guess."

"You know, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't."

Well. Wasn't that a pleasant little kick in the crotch. "God damn..."

Behind the bar, Seoth's mouth curled with an unheard laugh. Florian glared at him. "What's so funny?"

"What isn't?" I'll tell you what isn't, buddy: this whole thing! Every fucking minute of it! "But now that you've bothered every paying customer in here, why don't you..."

Seoth bit his lip as he was both cut off and proven wrong by the swinging of the door. Florian took stock of the new arrivals and grinned; sure his own son wouldn't lie to him?

"Dragon!" His son flinched. Florian pretended not to notice and nodded to Dragon's companion--one of Nora and Jothein's twins. "Ceira."


"Master Tumekrin."

Florian smiled. Even if Dragon was, God forbid, uncooperative, Ceira had always come across as a reasonable, honest young woman. Much too reasonable and honest to be commonly seen with a rascal like Dragon, at any rate.

Hmm. Well, now that he was wondering he supposed he ought to ask. "So, how do you two know each other?"

Ceira blinked, hearing, understanding, not quite comprehending--though Florian had thought her smarter than that. Then again, Dragon didn't look to be handling the question so much better. "Uh... well, that probably would have been a better question before we got engaged..."

...Oh, fuck me. "You're engaged? And you never told me?"



Van said...

This silly little arc wraps up in the next post. Then there's more drama lurking in the wings. :S

Ann said...

Oh man, this arc is cracking me up so much! XD Poor Florian. Definitely not the most pleasant thing to feel so out of the loop. But I'll be sad when this arc's coming to an end. ^^ It's fun!

Van said...

Good thing I checked my email when I did--caught you just when I'm about to go to bed. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to respond until tomorrow evening.

I think this arc was needed, what with all the drama that's been going on lately. Something funny needed to happen, and once again, Florian was just the man for the job. :)