July 20, 2013

In Which Mona Makes Note of Her New Rights

March 10, 1182

"We should get up," Mona muttered, for about the fifth time between the two of them that morning.

"We should." But mouth aside, Zareth didn't stir. Neither did Mona.

"Anna will be wondering where I am."

"And I'm supposed to be in conference." His fingertips squeezed around a lock of her hair. "It can wait."

That was it, then. "So can Anna." She pried one eye open and studied the course dark hair of his chest. More than once she'd heard her father pestering her brother Ietrin to shave his, insisting that only the most vulgar of women could stand a man with a matted rug for a torso, but Mona thought it natural, even desirable. Did that make her vulgar? She didn't think she was vulgar...

"So. Um... now what?"

"With us?" She felt a flutter in his chest as he nodded. "I don't know. Are we betrothed now?"

"If you want to be." The response could have stood for a little more enthusiasm, but at least he didn't feel they were obligated after the events of the previous night. If Mona had wanted to marry out of obligation, she would have married Adrius.

"All right, then. How does some time in May sound?"

"For the wedding?" Now it was Mona's turn to nod. "May sounds fine. No better or worse than any other time, at least."

"No. I figure it gives us some time to plan, but it's near enough that we can still avoid scandal if I'm pregnant."

Maybe she shouldn't have said that. But he got credit for not wincing too noticeably. "And, uh... what would you say the odds of that are?"

"Oh, probably not high. We were careful, after all." She doubted it would have been Zareth had he not been! "Plus my courses aren't overly regular, and most of my siblings seem to have trouble conceiving."

"My siblings have trouble too, though I'm apt to blame Devidra's husband in her case. My brother's been trying half his life, though, and he still doesn't have a rumored bastard to his name."

"Do you have any rumored bastards to your name?"

"I'll admit that I don't pay much attention to rumored bastards, but not that I'm aware, no." Was she horrible if she found that a little reassuring? "We may not have many children."

"That's fine. We'll just appreciate any children we do have all the more." Really, she wasn't even sure how much she cared if they ever had any. Children would be nice, sure, but... "And we'll still have each other."

"Mmm." His nose tapped her scalp as he kissed her hair and his hand trailed downward across her back. "Well, I suppose we'd better break the news to our respective sweethearts."

...Eh? "Um... the sweethearts we made up to make each other jealous?"

"Made up?" What. "Right, yes, of course. Made up."

He kicked back the covers and scrambled out of bed, off to the wardrobe to retrieve his hose. Fighting back a scowl, Mona slipped out bed after him. "Zareth--"

"You should get back to Anna. I'll meet you at the castle later? My sister wanted to speak with me anyway." He finished tying the hose into place and stepped into his boots as he dug around for his tunic. "God damn, where did I put--?"

"Where are you going?" She supposed there was no sense in playing dumb, but she didn't want to ruin their first morning. She would scold him for it later--as was now her right.

"I, uh... I forgot to attend to some business in the village." He put his search on hold and hurried to her side, a quick kiss to her mouth before he let himself catch a breath. "I hope you don't think I just wanted to sleep with you once and never see you again. I'll meet you later--really."

He knew she wasn't thinking that! "Zareth--"

"Really, I'm sorry about this, but it can't be avoided." He kissed her once again, then dashed back to the wardrobe. "I'll tell my cook to make you anything you want for breakfast, all right? Love you!"



Van said...

1182 is the Year of Babies, apparently.

(But before anyone asks, no, Mona is not pregnant.)

Ann said...

Baby Boom! *does bunny dance*

So, Zareth really did have a sweetheart? Well, as long as he'll end it now... Mona didn't exactly give him much time here. ^^ And as for not being pregnant: I will only say 'yet'. XD
I hope you don't have any more bumps in the road planned for these two. ^^

Also: Chesthair? Oh yumm! ;)

Van said...

Yep... Tivie's baby next post... then Xeta's... then Rona's...

Seems that he did. XD But yeah, not for very much longer.

And yeah, given that this is Naroni, I don't think the odds of them never having any kids are particularly great...

I like chest hair on my guys too! Not really big on the hairless, Greek statue look.

Anonymous said...

If even Ietrin can manage four -- and Camaline can manage to get herself one by less-than-orthodox means -- I think Zareth and Mona are going to be just fine on the baby-making front.

And so he did have a sweetheart? That dog! I feel bad for her -- since Zareth's heart so obviously belongs to Mona, she's probably going to get hers a big bruised if not broken. Hopefully she was just trying to make someone jealous too?

But still, YAY! for Zareth and Mona! I look forward to the wedding in May. I hope Adrius, Anna, and Devidra throw them one hell of a party!

Van said...

Whatever problems Zareth and/or Mona may have, I'm sure they'll have an easier time of it than Ietrin. XD

Since we have never seen Zareth's former sweetheart and probably never will, yes, let's just say she had something similar going on with someone else and there will be no hard feelings. ;)

Alas, we won't actually be seeing the wedding. However, I'm sure that there will be a party. :)