June 20, 2015

In Which Shahira Makes a Goal

June 29, 1192

"So... this is where we get to have our wedding night." Shahira shut her eyes to the sight of her husband--how baffling it was that she had a husband!--looking around her parents' guest room. She and Aldhein would be sleeping here until his schooling resumed, the day after the queen's coronation. She'd go back to her own room after that, and resume her own schooling from home. "Not that we need a wedding night at this point..."

This had all been a blur. They'd been engaged for all of five days before they'd wed early this afternoon. Shahira hadn't even had a proper wedding dress commissioned, instead wearing an old gown of her mother's they'd had hemmed the day before. Aldhein only had a wedding tunic because his brother Severin had been more than willing to part with his; based on the bright yellow, Shahira could see why, but Aldhein had been a good sport about the color.

And about the whole thing, really.

"Well, maybe we don't need one, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have one." She opened her eyes just in time to see him ease himself onto the bed. "Maybe we can make a twin."

A twin! At least she had the morning sickness to blame for her nausea. She was scarcely ready for one! "Please don't joke about twins."

"All right. Sorry about that." Aldhein reclined back against the headboard and winked. "One baby at a time. And plenty of space between this one and the next--if you want a next, that is."

"It's a little early to talk about the next one." She joined him on the bed, fighting to keep a grin. She did like him. She had felt their marriage had been the best way to go about things. But she hadn't thought she'd be married--or a mother--for a good few years, at least! "I'd like to go through university first."

"Of course. You have far more business being at the university than I do, at least." Aldhein smirked. No matter what he thought of his classes, Shahira hoped he was at least enjoying the parties. "I'll be taking your father up on his job offer. My father supported thirteen of us on a steward's salary without any issue."

Thirteen! Shahira cringed. "We are not having thirteen."

"Oh, God, no!" Aldhein shuddered; good to know they were on the same page there. "But do you want to know a secret?"

Shahira shrugged as he took her by the hand and pulled her toward him. "All right..."

"I think this one's a boy."

It wasn't wishful thinking, not by the tone of his voice, not how some husbands spoke of sons. It was simply a fact, a statement of a sure guess. And, little though she put faith in such things, Shahira wasn't entirely surprised. "That's funny. I have a feeling it's a boy too."

"A girl wouldn't have caused this much trouble. She would have waited until we were good and ready to be conceived." Aldhein's right hand lingered at the side of her stomach before returning to her shoulder. "I guess we'll have to spoil his fun by being somewhat competent."

Shahira doubted they could. But, it was nice to have goals. "I guess so."



Van said...

And thus Severin's wardrobe was saved from the inclusion of the yellow tunic.

Ren said...

Awwwh, happy fluff :)

This might be random but does Aldhein have two different colored eyes?

Van said...

Yep. :)

Aldhein has Florian's eyes. But it does look like that one eye is darker there, since he's squinting it.

Ann said...

Wow, that look suits her! Lovely!
And Aldheim grew up hot!
Also, how lucky for Severin! XD Saved by the wedding bells?

Van said...

I'm thinking of making that hair her new formal hair. :)

And yep--Aldhein does look pretty good. He usually sports Searle Minara's hair, which also suits him quite nicely. So does that goatee. Hopefully Shahira isn't bothered by the fact that her father has the same one. XD

Guess so? That tunic will have a much better home with Aldhein, at least until the next brother needs it.

S.B. said...

Sweet and a little tentative, as if they're not quite convinced they're allowed to stay in there together. They're charming together. Shahira looks lovely in that braided hair. And I agree, Alhein grew up hot!

Van said...

Heehee... that's probably a good part of it! This did come on fast for both of them.

Aldhein got the best parts of Florian and the best parts of Thetis, it seems. Definitely one of their better-looking spawn.