June 24, 2015

In Which Riona Meets a Not-So-Casual Acquaintance

July 16, 1192

Riona and her son made their way into the front room, apparently quietly enough that her husband didn't notice. He was too busy talking to the dark stranger who'd been heralded by one of the maids a few minutes prior. As if the poor woman hadn't had enough work to do. She hoped this man was here about the steward job.

Didn't sound like it, though. "I don't know who told you she was staying here, but they were wrong. She's at our father's castle, but I don't think she's seeing visitors right now."

"Did she tell you that?"

"No, but she... she hasn't been well."

Riona shut her eyes. Jeda wasn't ill; she was pregnant. Of course, a man couldn't say that, not about his own sister. Not when he feared she'd be branded a whore. Though, from what Riona could tell, Jeda was quite happy about this pregnancy, now that Ietrin was gone.

"It's not serious, is it?"

"I don't think so, no. Anyway, how do you know Jeda?"

"I, uh..." It was a little too much of a pause for a casual acquaintance. "I used to work at the castle."

And he called her Jeda. Not the queen, not her majesty... Jeda.

Perhaps... could he have been...?


Her husband turned around, a quick grin her way. "Yes, Riona?"

"I think the only person who knows if Jeda would like to see this man is Jeda."



Van said...

Mornings. Ack.

Ren said...

-happy flail-

If anyone in the kingdom deserves a magic Disney ending, it's Jeda. Complete with her own killer-for-hire Sweetheart With Glorious Fabio Hair who is the opposite of her Prince Uncharming dead ex.

Now they need a ship name. Fredaline? Jedared?

Ann said...

Seconded!! <3 <3 <3

And I like Fredaline...

Van said...

Ren: :D

After all that suffering, Jeda does deserve a happy ending--or, more accurately, a happy beginning to a new stage of life. And who could be more different than Prince Uncharming than the sweet, gentle killer-for-hire?

Either of those could work!

Ann: Fredaline! :D