June 6, 2015

In Which Dea Is Alerted to the Hypotheticals

April 15, 1192

"I take it this is about the succession."

Of course it was. There was no other reason as to why CeeCee's father should show up at CeeCee's own house of residence and instead ask for her housemate Dea--on the day after Dea's father's death. So much had happened yesterday. Her father's death, her mother's pregnancy, Holden's reveal and subsequent drop in the line succession. Dea supposed she ought to have counted herself lucky, here at the university instead of at the castle where it all had gone down, but she wanted to do more for her mother and sisters. She'd ridden to Tetran last night and offered to stay for a while, but her mother would have none of that. The future queen, she'd said, needed to focus on her education.

Lord Severin nodded. "It is." He didn't offer any condolences about her father. Guilty though she ought to have been, Dea was grateful for that. She couldn't have honestly taken them.

"Good news?"

"For the most part, yes. According to your grandfather's will, you are indeed first in line in the event of your father never siring a legitimate son."

Some inward part of her sighed with relief. Her grandfather had not been a cruel man, not to her and Gennie, at least... but he'd never put much stock in the abilities of women in general, to the point where it wouldn't have surprised her if he'd chosen her uncle over her. But, she supposed he'd been enough of a Dovian at heart to keep to their laws as close to the letter as possible.

For the most part. Lord Severin had said 'for the most part'. "There's a catch, though."

"Not much of one, I should think, but it is worth noting. While you are first in line, your grandfather did include a clause giving your Uncle Farilon three months to challenge. If he does that--which I don't think he would if left to his own devices, though I've heard things about his wife--then the lords would have to decide between the two of you. If if were just just the lords of Naroni, there would be nothing to worry about. You would have my support, and your grandfather's, and your half-brother's... and I believe your Uncle Lorn's as well, once he took the time to consider it."

"But the Dovian lords might get involved."

"As your grandfather's kin, yes. I believe I could persuade my brother to back you, and your grandfather might be able to bring his stepson around, and maybe Marsden Tamrion too via his stepdaughter. Searle Minara, though your uncle's brother, would probably support you as well, since I don't believe Farilon would actually enjoying being king and Searle would respect that regardless of Danthia. Searle Sadiel would back Farilon, as he is Danthia's brother. As for the rest of them, I should hope they'd take your side, but I couldn't say just yet."

"Including King Oswald."

"Including King Oswald. My main concern there would be if a Farilon supporter--or, more likely, a Danthia supporter--would take advantage of your mother's current pregnancy to bring your legitimacy into question. Of course, anyone who knows your mother at all would dismiss such stories."

She hoped so. No one had questioned her father's paternity, at least, and her grandmother too had birthed another man's child. "What about the people?"

"It's always hard to say with people in general, since they can't be generalized. All we can do is trust that if they're suffering, they'll raise their concerns. I don't think most care much who's on the throne so long as their best interests are kept in mind."

"Then I will pledge to do so."

"I know you will. You'll be a vast improvement on your father and grandfather, and I hope I haven't worried you unnecessarily with all of these hypotheticals."

"Certainly not unnecessary. I do need to know all of the facts." What sort of ruler would rather bury her head in the sand?

"Indeed." He crossed his arms and paid her a quick smile. "For what it's worth: I do believe you'll be crowned before the leaves begin to turn."



Van said...

So my ear has been plugged for like a week now. Nothing I do helps. Might have to go to a clinic and get it flushed.

Not fun. :S

Anonymous said...

Plugged with what? O.o'

Argh, I sincerely hope that Farilon finally puts his foot down and tells his dearest wife where to shove it. >.o

Winter said...

Not fun at all, but you'll feel better if you get it flushed. :)

If I read that correctly, the Dovian lords aren't entitled to be involved but may try to influence the succession anyway? I have a fear that the Lizard and her supporters may push for Farilon whether he agrees or not. She's already proven she's willing to deceive and use him for her own purposes.

Still, I agree with Severin. Anyone reasonable who meets Dea should recognize her potential as a ruler. The sheer numbers of Tamrions and Kemorins will also benefit her. I liked that she considered the will of the common people when judging the situation, too. If I was her, I wouldn't be afraid to pull out the 'native Naronian' card if things get dicey. Generations have been born in the kingdom, and they should have a monarch of their own kind.

Van said...

Mimus: Just wax build-up. My family tends to be prone to that. :S

I don't think Farilon will roll over right away, but suffice to say Danthia will get on his nerves. Next post is Farilon's POV, so we'll get his take on all this then. But whatever Danthia wants, I don't think Farilon would want to be king.

Winter: Yeah, here's hoping.

Pretty much. They're allowed to have their input, possibly to the end of getting the population riled up. I think most of them would end up siding with Dea, though. I think Oswald would back Dea because Roderick said Dea over Farilon; they may not have gotten along all the time, but they were brothers.

The Tamrions and Kemorins are pretty much half the population of Naroni, so that's a good start there. And she has been in Naroni her whole life; Farilon was in Naroni until Roderick died, but he's pretty content in Dovia now (apart from having to live with Danthia). As things stand now, the odds are looking to be in Dea's favor.

Ren said...

Come on Queen Dea!

Maybe someone can mention cantankerous dragons to Danthia? In gruesome detail?

I can't hope Farilon will grow much of a backbone in regards to his charming creature of a wife, but three months isn't TOO much time... maybe he can hold out just long enough. Or take a vacation so Danthia can't wear him down.

Van said...

Oh, I doubt the dragon would much like Danthia as queen...

True! Three months doesn't provide too much opportunity, so Farilon might be able to hold up and/or avoid Danthia long enough. It's also worth noting that while Danthia is ambitious, she's not particularly clever, so he may be able to outwit her. Of course, Farilon's not particularly clever either, but he is the more thoughtful party.

Ekho said...

Woot! Here's hoping Danthia doesn't get her way! Although I always imagined she's the type to hook her claws in and not let go... Dea has my support, if that counts :)

Van said...

Danthia can be pretty persistent... but, in this case, at least she's relying more on her ability to manipulate others than her ability to act on her own?

Ann said...

Anyone trying to prevent Dea's crowning will have to answer to me! Grrrrrrr! Danthia had better not get any ideas.
(And I so wish I could direct that dragon, just for the sheer bliss of saying: "I've got a dragon and I'm not afraid to use it." XD)
But seriously, putting Farilon on the throne, especially with Danthia behind him will just continue the Naronian tradition of rotten rulers, which is probably the last thing anyone in or around Naroni needs. I hope that the lords will see that if Danthia gets her way (and I hope she won't. Go Farilon!)

Van said...

Alas, I'm sure Danthia will get ideas the second she learns about all of this. Whether or not they work is a different matter entirely, though.


Naroni is due for a good ruler. Very, very overdue...

S.B. said...

Obviously I hope the hypotheticals can stay in a drawer for three months. Maybe Farilon can take lots of coffee breaks - excuse himself to go get one more cup whenever Danthia approaches.

Van said...

Here's hoping! Both Dea and Farilon would rather have it that way.