June 10, 2015

In Which Lyssa Is Asked Properly

May 27, 1192

Perhaps it was a scandalous time for the young man Lyssa had been courting to call on her. Dea had been summoned to her grandfather's castle. Renata was out sparring with Falidor, while CeeCee had gone to 'help Farilon redecorate his living room'--which translated to, Lyssa figured, 'having sex on his couch'. Thetis and Celina were in class, and Alya and Lia had headed to Veldora to spend their free afternoon at Roddie's new manor. The left Lyssa and Landus most unchaperoned.

Lyssa didn't much mind. "I wasn't expecting you today."

"I know, and I apologize for that. But I got some news this morning, and I thought you ought to be the first to know."

"Oh?" She thought she knew what it was. Her smile drooped a little; she tried to prop it up with a grimace, but it couldn't have been convincing.

"Yes. I had a meeting with your Uncle Lorn today, and he's decided to station me in Carvallon." Yes--as she'd feared. Her late aunt's also-late husband had a house there that was just gathering dust, waiting for some foreign knight to man it. Searle had left it to his daughter Tivie, but she preferred Naroni. The logical choice then for an inhabitant was her brother-in-law, Landus--and, from what Lyssa knew, it would be a good opportunity for him.

Was she horrible for not wanting him to leave her? "I... I see. You're not going right away, are you?"

"Not immediately. I convinced him to at least let me stay until after your birthday." Her birthday was in July--much sooner than it had seemed an hour ago. "But I'll be back as frequently as I can. Two of my siblings are here, after all, and all my nieces and nephews. And, of course, you."

"Of course." But would it be frequently enough? She knew she was being selfish--but surely she wasn't the first person who'd ever felt this way! "I'll miss you the rest of the time, though."

"And I, you--but that's what I wanted to talk to you about." He took her face in his hands and kissed her. It was a sweetheart's kiss, romantic yet chaste, long enough to linger but short enough to leave her wanting more. "If you're interested, I was thinking that after you're done at university, you could... maybe join me there, if you want?"

Lyssa blinked. She hadn't quite expected that. She hadn't been sure that they were that serious.

But, in that second, she knew that they were. "You... you must ask me properly."

"All right." Smiling, he took to his knee. Her heart beat about her chest like a butterfly and she scarcely noticed the rhythm.

"Eilyssa Kemorin, will you marry me?"



Van said...

Watching Lord of the Rings... constantly adjusting the volume...

Ann said...

Not much to say about this chapter, except awwwwwws!

But about LotR, yeah I hear ya. XD It's one of the reasons why I've taken to using headphones for watching movies (since I use my pc for that). Action movies in general rely too much on sound volume, I think, though few are quite as bad in that as LotR.

Van said...

A little break to show that the kingdom is going on as usual without Ietrin. Tomorrow, back to our regularly-scheduled Dea. :)

Yeah... that one is particularly bad for that. Great movies, though. Figures that the night after I watch one, I wake up to find out that Christopher Lee died. :S I'll watch the next one tonight, in his honor.

Ann said...

Whoa! I hadn't heard! That's just so sad. What a loss!
A rewatch-vigil sounds like a very good idea right now.

Van said...

Yeah. At least he lived a long, badass life... but still. :(

Watched Return of the King last night. I have the extended version, so his scenes were still in it.

S.B. said...

In between knocking out a few shots at a time when my eyes permit, I want to grab that time to read. I may not leave a comment on every chapter - I'm always eager to get to the next one and I want to push it while I can - but I love, love this. It is so perfectly romantic, sweet, lovely, gentle and all good things. Thank you for something hopeful.

Van said...

No worries about comments! I'm just honored that you'd want to devote some of your energy to my little story. I really hope someone finds a way to make things better for you.